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River Liffey & Docklands, Royal Canal and Grand Canal

  • Dublin City Canals - Recreational Tourism & Commercial Product Identification Study and Development of an Investment and Maintenance Framework.  written by Scott Wilson & Countryside Consultancy on behalf of Waterways Ireland, Failte Ireland, Dublin Docklands Development Authority and Dublin Coty Council.  This document is also referred to as the Dublin Canals Study.  It is dated January 2010 but last updated 30/06/2010.
  • Liffey Ships and Shipbuilding, by Patrick Sweeney, The Mercier Press Ltd, 2010 ISBN 185635685X
    A comprehensive history of the four shipbuilding yards that have operated along Dublin's River Liffey since shipbuilding began there. The narrative goes up to 1969 and the author then details the efforts that have been made to revive Dublin's shipbuilding industry in more recent years.

  • You may want to read Dublin Bay Guidance Notes for Leisure Craft (2005) - Useful for boats venturing onto the Liffey or those coming in to the Grand from overseas.
    Download it from here or here
  • Dublin Docklands Reinvented: The post-industrial regeneration of a European city quarter by Niamh Moore
    (available in Hard and Softback, 320pp, published April 2008, The Fourcourts Press
  • Liffey Bridges in Dublin City,
    published by Dublin City Council, 46pp, 2011

    A bilingual (Irish & English) guide to the 20 bridges that span the Liffey in Dublin City

    The prefect accompaniment for participants of the Dublin Rally
  • Dublin Docklands - An Urban Voyage',
    an illustrated history for the Dublin Docklands Development Authority to be published 2008
  • The Liffey - portrait of a river, text by Dick Warner, paintings by Rosemary Burns -
    published October 2007

  • A Guide to Dublin Bay: Mirror to the City, John Givens, Liffey Press,
    288 pages; illustrated; ISBN 1-905785-08-9; October 2006
  • Anna Liffey: River of Dublin, by John De Courcy, Stephen Conlin, 1988 O'Brien Press, 63pp, ISBN 0862781698

    The prefect accompaniment for participants of the Dublin Rally.
  • Exploring Dublin: Wildlife, Parks, Waterways, by Christopher Moriarty, Wolfhound Press, ISBN: 0863275907, 224pp

  • Liffey in Dublin, John.De Courcy  - 512pp, Gill & Macmillan Ltd, 1996, ISBN 978-0-7171-2423-7

    truly detailed book - lots and lots of information
  • The Port of Medieval Dublin: Archaeological Excavations at the Civic Offices, Winetavern Street, Dublin 1993
    Andrew Halpin
    Softcover, ISBN 1851825851 Publisher: Four Courts Press, 2000
    Hardcover, ISBN 1851825843 Publisher: Four Courts Press, 2001
  • The Book of the Liffey: From Source to the Sea, Elizabeth Healy
    Wolfhound Press Dublin 1988, 192pp.

    a gem of a book - great design, lots of information.
  • A History of the Port of Dublin, Henry A. Gilligan
    Hardcover, ISBN 071711578X Publisher: Gill & Macmillan, 1988
  • Rivers of Dublin, Clair L. Sweeney, Dublin Corporation 1991, ISBN   0-9505301-4-X
    "A discourse on rivers, rivulets, rills, watercourses and wells - many hidden, unknown or forgotten. "

    A wonderful book.
  • Parsons Bookshop: At the Heart of Bohemian Dublin 1949-1989, Brendan Lynch.

    The Liffey Press (Nov 2006) ISBN: 1856079376
    The book has a whole chapter devoted to the Grand Canal, "A Very Literary Canal".
  • Project history of Dublin’s River Liffey bridges, M. Phillips and A. Hamilton. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Bridge Engineering 156, December 2003 Issue BE4 Pages 161^179
    Fascinating!  Available as a download here
  • De Courcy, John. 'The Liffey Banks in Dublin' [The early works of the private developers]. Dublin Historical Record, 57 (2004), 146-151. ISSN 0012-6861.
  • Dublin City Quays - Projects, The School of Architecture, UCD, ed. Gerry Cahill, Loughlin Kealy, ISBN 1-870089-00-6, Nov. 1986 - a set of ~20 essays on potential developments of the quays.  It included plans for a STOL airport in Ringsend.
  • Bluffs, Bays and Pools in the medieval Liffey at Dublin, John W. de Courcy,  Irish Geography, vol. 33-2, 2000 - available as a download here
  • City Canals Plan - Plean canálacha na cathrach 1999 .  This plan has been prepared by Dublin Corporation following the deliberations of the City Canals Group, a working group of Duchas Waterways and Dublin Corporation officials.
    ISBN 1902703022
    15 p. [i. e. leaves] : col. ill., col. maps ; 30 x 43 cm
  • The Liffey Bridges, from Islandbridge to Eastlink: A Historical and Technical Report. IDA, Dublin, 1987.
  • Liffey bridges & side walks, M.E. Tinsley, Pontoon Press, 2000, 28pp
  • The bridges over the Liffey, M.E. Tinsley, [illustrations by Stephen Tunney], 1978, 22pp
  • MALLAGH J. City bridges over the Liffey: present and future. Institution of Engineers of Ireland Transactions, 1938–1940, 65–66, 225–253.
  • De Courcy, J. W. 'A bridge in its time : the River Liffey crossing at Church Street in Dublin'. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, section C, 90:8 (1990), 243-57. ISSN 00358991.
  • A glance at the question of a ship canal connecting the asylum harbour at Kingstown with the river Anna Liffey at Dublin, &c. &c. &c. By Henry E. Flynn, Dublin George Folds, 1, Saint Andrew-Street 1834
    You can read related documents from 1832
     here, (28pp)
  • River Liffey Survey - the chironomid fauna of submerged mosses,C.F. Humphries & W.E. Frost. Published 1937.
    River Liffey : survey 7, salmon of the river Liffey. Went, A. E. J., Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, section B (1946), 9-26
  • River Liffey Survey III. The Growth and Food of Young Salmon. Proceedings of The Royal Irish Academy. Volume XLV1, Section B, no. 4. June, 1940
  • River Liffey survey. II. The food consumed by the brown trout (Salmo trutta) in acid and alkaline waters. Frost, W.E. 1939 . Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 45B: 139-214
  • THE PROBLEM OF THE LIFFEY VALLEY, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, volume XXX, Section B, No. 2. 1912

The Royal Canal

See the full list of books on the Royal Canal at the main IWAI publications page here.


The Grand Canal

See the full list of books on the Grand Canal at the main IWAI publications page here. Those with a specific Dublin emphasis are also listed below.

  • Inchicore and Kilmainham Development Project, The Grand Canal,  Inchicore and Kilmainham, 1991, 73pp, Second edition, Office of Public Works, 1994.
    editors Michael Conaghan, Oliver Gleeson, Alison Maddock, Researched And Compiled By The Inchicore And Kilmainham Development Project
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