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These are photographs from the 2014 Dublin Rally Many of the boats were taking up the Green and Silver Challenge.
Our thanks to the photographers for forwarding us their photos. The first letters of a photo's filename contains a key to identify the photographer as follows:
AJV* (A.J. Vosse - his charity link is here), CN* (Conor Nolan), CS* (Cormac Smith), DM* (Damien Maddock), JC* (Jimmy Cahill), JK* (John Kearns), MK* (Mick Kinahan), MS* (Michael Slevin).
More photos are welcome. Submit photos to: , together with photographer's name, location featured and any other relevant information or contact us in advance if you want to send us more than ~25MB of photos. If you recognise your (unattributed) photo on this or any of our galleries, please let us know so that we can properly credit it. Note that while every photo is tagged with an IWAI watermark, copyright remains with the photographer.
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