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"Bád Eile", a 37ft Connoisseur Cruiser, 12ft 6 beam, 3ft draft, crewed by Peter Downes completed the Green and Silver route as follows:
Lowtown to Hudson Bay (Athlone) Between 1st October 2010 and 1st November (coming back from Ploughing C'ships)
Hudson Bay to Clondra, 2nd November and 3rd November 2010
Clondra to Mullingar (Ballinea) Between 4th and 30th November 2010
Winter at Ballinea
Ballinea to Dublin 12th Lock Royal Canal Between 30th March and 28th April 2011
12th Lock to Grand Canal Dock 29th April to 1st May 2011 (Dublin Rally)
Grand Canal Dock to Lowtown Between 1st and 6th June 2011 (en route to Tall Ships in Waterford)

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