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  At Mullingar Harbour  
  At Moyvalley  
  Lone Ranger at Castleknock  
  about to leave Spenser Dock  
  Cruising down the Liffey  
  Entering Grand Canal Dock  
  Journey's end at Richmond Harbour  
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"Lone Ranger", an Althena 37 steel Dutch-style cruiser, departed Carrick-on Shannon on 15 March 2013 and to Richmond Harbour via Camlin River arriving at Richmond Harbour same day. Hence to Dublin on the Royal with the HBA, Departed Grand Canal Dock on 22 May 2013 for the Grand Canal. Arrived back at Lock 46 at Richmond Harbour at 17.16 hrs on 10 June 2013 and back in Carrick on 11 June.
Dimenstions: Length overall 11.2m. Draft 1.05m. Beam 3.4m. Max airdraft at centre 2.64m, Airdraft across width of 2.24m is 2.49m and across width of 2.59m is 2.29m

Lone Ranger has a strong steel keel about 6 inch wide and 1.05 m deep at the rear end. The prop is well protected by the keel. The keel hit bottom in several places and the prop did pick up weed and the occasional plastic bag. However a quick burst of reverse always cleared such problems quickly. With all removable fittings lowered, air-draft was not a problem, with about a foot to spare. The most serious problem was blocking of the water intake filter and even the intake pipe. Access to ram-rod the intake pipe was essential. The problem was not widespread, but could be severe in some sections, especially on the Royal east of Maynooth and the Grand between lock 9 and the summit, with a clear-out required every few hundred metres. WI staff did a good job in maintaining water levels at a maximum, and travelling in a group ensured their support in this regard.

Crew were: Graham Liddy, Alan Green, Cliona Liddy, Ronan Liddy, Camila Hegarty, Aislinn Green, Dave Conway, Dermot Reidy, Mike Broderick, Ciaran Spring, Paddy Judge, Eddie O’Rahilly, Michael Liddy, Sara Liddy.
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