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The River Liffey
A short overview of the navigable section of the River
The River Liffey provides the seaward link between the two canals as well as being part of Dublin Port. The riverfront has been developed over the last few years and many types of vessel from historic tugs to cruise liners pass under the toll bridge and come to visit the city. Nevertheless intrepid canal users come from both canals at rally time to moor at the Docklands Quay. Click on the pictures for a closer view.

- See our River Liffey Notes (intended to assist Dublin Rally participants)

Waterfront Developments Tug Boat Cruise Ship Naval Ship Canal Boats
Grand Canal Royal Canal The Grand Canal links to the river via a sea lock (see photo on left) and its counterpart at the Royal Canal (right) was replaced in 2009.
Diving Tube Famine Sculpture Points of interest in this, the last navigable stretch for anything but the smallest boats, include an old diving tube (left) used to enable men to work on the riverbed, and an evocative set of sculptures - seen here on the right, commemorating the Great Famine. The latter enjoy an interesting juxtoposition set into the riverside walk, adjacent to the Financial Services Centre (IFSC).
City Centre Mooring Rally Moorings are available on the river at the Dublin Docklands Development Authority on the North bank immediately before the first fixed bridge. Pre-booking is advisable.
 Seen on the Liffey Things to Come
Liffey Photo Gallery:

Seen on The Liffey
or on other Dublin Waterways
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Development Proposals
featuring architectural and similar proposal.
Some of these have already gone the way of the
Dublin and Kingstown Ship Canal
You can read related documents from 1832
 here, (28pp)
Development in Dublin Docks Part 1
The whole of the docks area is being transformed from North to South. Building work is in full swing....
Hanover Quay South of the Lower Basin The Old Gasometer The Upper Basin
Cruises, Tours and Ferries
River Liffey,
"Spirit of Docklands"
- Trips depart from and return to Boardwalk at Bachelors Walk, between O'Connell Bridge and the Ha'penny Bridge
01 4734082
Dublin Bay Sea Safari
A high speed trip around the Dublin Bay coastal area and its environs.
01 8557600
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