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Past Dublin Boat Rallies & Festivals
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2014 Rally

2013 Rally Timeplan is here -

2014 Dublin Rally Photos
2014 Dublin Rally Timetable

2013 Rally

2013 Rally Timeplan is here - 46 boats participated.
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Mark Clarke, Dock Superintendent..

2013 Dublin Rally Photos

2012 Rally

A full report on the 2012 Dublin Rally is found here.  2012 Rally Timeplan is here
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to the John Dolan and Catriona Hilliard who brought their treasured Float No. 1 into Dublin on its maiden long-distance voyage - a great act of faith in the quality of the restoration work and appreciated by all.

2012 Dublin Rally Photos

2011 Rally

A full report on the 2011 Dublin Rally is found here.
The Belturbet Branch was awarded the Endeavour Cup for their contribution to the rally

 2011 Dublin Rally photos

2010 Rally

Dublin Rally got under way on May 8th in glorious weather. 12 boats descended from Lucan to join the HBA boats already in the basin.  We also made the RTE news [www.rte.ie].

The combined fleets in the Grand Canal Dock attracted large crowds of admiring onlookers including the Lord Mayor of Dublin, councillor Emer Costello, who paid us a visit. The HBA fleet claimed dibs on Hanover Quay, in front of the newly complete Grand Canal Theatre. This is a fantastic new public space in Dublin and it attracts large numbers of people out for an afternoon stroll. Many expressed the hope that the sight of boats moored to the quay would become a regular feature.

A large number of events were held during the fortnight including:

  • 2 small boat rallies held on the Liffey;
  • A number of boats under the auspices of the RCAG and the HBA entered Spencer Dock on Friday 14th led by the former Royal Canal trading boat The Rambler.
  • Approximately 10 boats made the annual trip up the Liffey to Islandbridge on Saturday May 15th, many for the first time and again the sun shone down on us.
  • The engine of 51M was started for the first time in maybe 10years and it left the city carrying a few old wooden Guinness casks.

A large set of photographs of the occasion can be found on the branch website (here) and on the HBA website.

The Dublin Branch Endeavour Cup was awarded to the branch’s own Mick Kinahan (pictured above) for his dynamism, energy and whole-hearted commitment to the cause.

Many thanks to all owners and crew who took their boats into Dublin.  Thanks too to Waterways Ireland, the Dublin Branch, HBA and volunteers from DCC and others (not least the divers) who made today such a success. We really had a huge turnout of volunteers to lock the boats in and out. Many thanks to all.

See montage of
Rally Photos on

See Photos from the
Dublin 2010 Rally here


2009 Rally

The annual Dublin Rally which seeks to raise the profile of boating within the city area and to draw attention to the Capitals waterways is held this year between May 9th and 23rd. There was a large increase in entries this year with 23 entries from both the Shannon and Grand Canal – our sincere thanks to all who made the trip. Some people had a very smooth run into the city from Lucan, but queues formed a few times as problems built up. The divers were needed a few times to clear rubbish off props and more than once to clear obstructions in locks. Both Waterways Ireland and our volunteer lock operators had to contend with a lot of water. While most boats made the run from Lucan to Grand Canal Dock in under the 12 hours, two boats took 15. However, with the exception of one downpour early in the morning, the weather held up. Our thanks to Waterways Ireland staff and the diving contractors for their assistance.

Although the new Sea Lock at Spencer Dock is now completed no entries were possible from the Royal Canal for the 4th consecutive year. Hopefully we will get a chance next year to enter Spencer Dock (if not to progress further into the Royal).

A full programme of events took place including the trip to the “head of the river” at Islandbridge and a Small Boat Rally on the upper reaches at Chapelizod which was graced by IWAI President Paul Garland with the new Nissan Pathfinder. On Tuesday 12th, Noel Griffin gave a very informative and well-received talk to an attentive audience at Poolbeg.

The weir at Islandbridge continues to enchant with its remarkable scenery and birdlife; all within 3 miles of O Connell Bridge. Although the weather this year was anything but kind, we were rewarded with a few bright spots interspersed with squally showers. The remarkable thing about this year’s trip up the Liffey is that it actually happened.

The saga of the new Samuel Beckett Bridge threatened to scupper plans for the trip and it was not until 2 days before the scheduled date that we received confirmation that the river would be “open”. However, we did get an opportunity to get up “close and personal” with the new structure and we must admit it is a thing of beauty and something which does our river (and our city) proud. Given the forecast of gale-force winds and thunder storms, safety concerns dictated that the narrow boats and barges stayed on the moorings while the “DubhLinn” and 4 cruisers went upriver to the traditional mooring point at Islandbridge.

Beth O'Loughlin of Aqualegia took home the Dublin Branch's Endeavour Cup - a very well-deserved award and a small recognition of her tireless crusading on the waterways.

Anyone who has a chance to voyage on the Liffey now will concede that Dublin’s quayside has improved dramatically over recent years and although there may be a temporary blip at present, there are many fine plans to further improve the city’s waterside. Hopefully, when the HBA boats visit us later in the year we will get another chance to revisit the Liffey and sample its wonders.

See montage of
Rally Photos on

See Photos from the
Dublin 2009 Rally here



2008 Dublin Rally

Overall, this year's rally was a great success - we had 19 large boats in all.  There was a nice mix of events both on and off the water.  We had the usual plethora of mishaps on the way into and out of Dublin, but only of a mechanical nature.  The divers were needed a few times to clear rubbish off props. 

On May 17th we had an early start to the morning.  First lock down from the Grand Canal Dock into the Liffey was scheduled for 07:00 followed by 2 more to cater for the 12 out of 19 Rally members.  A colourful flotilla comprising cruisers, barges both broad and narrow, displaying Budweiser bunting headed up the Liffey to the oasis of peace and tranquillity that is Islandbridge weir.  The main Rally was accompanied by members of the Small Boat Rally comprising 6 boats which launched in the Basin and the Poolbeg Yacht Club slip. 

The BBQ was held at Poolbeg Yacht Club with steaks prepared, cooked and presented as to your desired taste by Gersha & Mick despite the cold easterly. The Budweiser reps were in attendance and promoting their products FOC to the Rally members. A very good end to a very successful day.

Our first small boat on the Liffey above Islandbridge weir was also a success with ~7 boats participating - see the photos on our Rally Gallery.

Both talks were a great success - our thanks to Paul Quilligan and Dave McCabe - a brief synopsis of the talks is below.

The branch Endeavour trophy was awarded to Jim Gorman and the crew of "Jomani" from Carrick-on-Shannon.

2007 Rally Photo Gallery


2007 Dublin Rally

This year's rally has passed with a disappointing number of boats turning up - we had just three from the Grand Canal (the Royal being closed at Spencer Dock).  We had 8 boats on the small boat rally on Saturday 19th.  Our thanks to Waterways Ireland who shepherded our small flotilla into the city.
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to the Slevin & Holbrook Families, "Leitrim Star"

2007 Rally Photo Gallery

22 The 2006 Rally made the front page of Inland Waterways News.  You can read about our eventful Dublin Rally 2006 here.  Photos of the 2006 Rally can be found here.
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Manthei & Loughlin, "Roisin Dubh"
21 2005: Read about the Dublin Rally 2005 here
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Jack & Margaret Carlisle, "Phantom lady"
20 2004: Read about the Dublin Rally 2004 here

The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Tidh Horrigan, "Little Imp"

19 2003: Read a report of the 2003 Rally Read Results and recipes from the cooking competition

The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Beth O'Loughlin, "Aqualegia"

18 2002: No report for the 2002 Dublin Rally!
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Alan Tomlin
17 2001: Read a report of a round trip from Shannon to Dublin in 2001 by Joe Treacey, 4E, to launch the Heritage Boat Association  
16 2000: The Summer 2000 issue of Inland Waterways News had a focus on the Canals of Dublin

See Brian J. Goggin's Royal Canal Trip report from 2000 also Donal O'Siochan's report on the 2000 rally.

The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Padraig & Seamus Costello, "NB Dympna"

15 1999: Read about the 1999 Dublin Rally
14 1998: Read a detailed report about the 1998 Dublin Rally (large file)
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Allen & Pat O'Leary
13 1997: Report of the 1997 Dublin Rally
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Mary & Ronnie Byrne, "Cassandra"
12 1996: No report for the 1996 Dublin Rally!
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Peter & Phyllis Wall, "Lady Mac"
11 1995: Report of the 1995 Dublin Rally
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Jim Dillon & Fran Fletcher, "Saoirse"
10 1994: Report of the 1994 Dublin Rally
The Dublin Branch endeavour cup was presented to Mick & Fran Clinton, "Blackthorn"
9 1993: Report of the 1993 Dublin Rallyand here
8 1992: Report of the 1992 Dublin Rally and here
7 1991: Report of the 1991 Dublin Rally
6 1990: Report of the 1990 Dublin Rally - 1990 Rally Schedule is here
5 1989: Report of the 1989 Dublin Rally  
4 1988: Report of the 1988 Millenium Rally which saw a record 83 boats come into Dublin.
3 1983: Report on the 1983 Dublin Rally  
2 1979: Report on the 1979 Dublin Rally
1 1966: The first Dublin Rally was held in 1966 to coincide with the boat show of that year and written up in the Irish Times of 21st March 1966.



Dublin Grand Canal Festivals

4 1971: A fourth festival was held in 1971  
3 ????  
2 1968: Dublin Branch also organised the 1968 Dublin Grand Canal Festival in September 1968. 
You can see the full 16-page booklet here
1 1967: Dublin Branch stepped up campaign to save the City Line and organised the first Dublin Grand Canal Festival  

Back in 1975, the Dublin branch of IWAI ran a waterbus on the Grand Canal - see the rather quaint advert at right (click on it for a larger view)

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