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Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures

Posted by Dave McCabe 
Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures
23 August, 2012 20:28
Can I ask people of their opinion, as I may be overdoing this, but I have found in recent years that it takes between an hour and hour and half to get the bridge lifted when coming downstream, The procedure seems to be that the bridge is only lifted when there is upstream traffic as the lock is typically cycled down and the lower gates left open for considerable time waiting often for non existent traffic. it doesn't really change much if they are telephoned.

Maybe this is the policy I don't know, it seems strange as I know there was serious opposition some time ago when it was proposed that the bridge go to scheduled opening times, sometimes the current process feels like an unofficial attempt at that.

It could be that in more affluent times there was a more steady stream of boats going upstream and hence more bridge lifts , but in these quiet times, I think a rethink is needed.

Is it me or is it the general view . I might add I have no problems with the upstream cycle times.


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Re: Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures
23 August, 2012 20:51
I always phone Liam when i am ten to fifteen minutes away.
When we arrive at bridge might only have to wait 5 to 10 minutes
Some times he is ready to open it.
This works will for us.
Re: Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures
23 August, 2012 21:40
yes I've phoned him, some time it works and some times it doesn't, but really it shouldn't be required. ( and the foreigners don't phone in my experience)

Re: Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures
23 August, 2012 22:16
I was asked ,"did I not fit under the bridge ? a week or so back " ,when I phoned the lock.. I did actually have a close look,much too close and ended up against the shore .I had to jump off with a rope and pull my boat back from the bridge. Perhaps someone saw my plight ,in the lockhouse,I presume they have a camera,and the bridge lifted.
I made a mistake. I won't do that again.

Re: Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures
23 August, 2012 23:09
Never had a problem, phone when leaving Rooskey and again 10 mins off. Worst case have to wait a few minutes. Good spot to wait is tight to the port shore just at the last bend. Back eddie allows for nice hold. But can see a real problem for hire craft or new boaters not familiar with this. Phone number is on small holding jetty, should also be on height guage on port side. Having stayed 24 hours there yesterday, the lockkeepers sure get fit up and down between lock and bridge on a bike.
I think Dave is right, we need to look at the procedures. If the phone hadn't worked I would have been in bad shape. Portumna style would be a disaster with the flows trying to hold.

Les 41M
Re: Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures
23 August, 2012 23:45

OceanFroggie Noel Griffin
Re: Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures
24 August, 2012 18:03
Lads you should always have all lock keepers numbers of every lock on the boat, On heavy flow never approach. Always ring half an hour ahead and ASK the question how long to the next lift? They are always telling us on the Bona Spes that ''he just did a lift and let boats though when some one rings and has to wait untill those boats are let down and other boats up though the lock and then boats are allowed up though the bridge.

Mad skippers always end up down at the bridge jogging for space. if the lockper is rang and you tell him your waiting up river and as soon as you see boats passing you by you know the bridge is up and you press on but waiting down there you will get caught out as you cant moor up with the heavy flow or bad winds.

I know the weight of the boat has a lot to do with it but i have seen people just because there there first they should be first though when safety is of no concern to them or others.

The Bona Spes never goes futher than swan cove up river at Rooskey even in low flow without the lock keeper knowing.The lock keeper knows you are up river there is no other boats jogging togetter down river, once all the other boats are gone though we pass though the bridge he cycles down he open the lock gates we motor in simple. manners thats all.

Tarmonbarry is the same, ring ahead and wait till you are called in,we have never had any problems.
Re: Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures
27 August, 2012 10:50
evan , my issue wasn't about ringing nor congestion, ( I think wed be glad to have some congestion after this summer). My issue was that I am finding in these "quiet" times, that there is a long long wait above the bridge as the procedure seems to be to wait for upstream traffic to appear before open the bridge for downstream traffic. Yet upstream traffic may not appear for an hour or more and the downstream gates remain open at the lock, waiting for non existent boats, yet a boat may be holding for some time above the bridge.

I contrast this with Roosky , where there is little or no delays. My wonderment was is there an (un)official policy at Tarmon.

Re: Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures
27 August, 2012 22:02
i think the Tarmon lock keeper also works richmond harbor locks as well !! he might have been working the two sets that day
Re: Tarmonbarry Lock/Bridge Procedures
28 August, 2012 00:21

As far as I know, there is a dedicated lock keeper who does the 46th lock at Clondra & Burkes Lock (on the Camlin) at least during the summer season.

Before the re-opening of the Royal, the lads at Tarmonbarry would come over to undo the chain and operate the lock at the harbour.

I know that, some years ago, there was an "unofficial" arrangement there at one time regarding the manning of the locks & bridge on Sundays, but the less said about that the better.


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