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Lough Allen Catchment Plan

Posted by Colin Becker 
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Lough Allen Catchment Plan
31 January, 2008 10:30

For the last few weeks consultants Colin Buchanan, on behalf of Leitrim Co.
Council have been preparing a "Catchment Plan" for Lough Allen. The idea is
that the plan will be incorporated into the new Co. Development Plan.

The first output of this "work in progress": Lough Allen... assessing the
significance .... realising the potential has now been released and is
available of the Leitrim Co Co web-site [] Just
follow the link on the home page.

The document is in a format called DJVU (which seems to be something local
authorities like but I've never come across any-place else). You need a
special viewer which is also on the Council's web-site.

There is more work to be done so we can expect further reports in due

Colin Becker
Project/Development Officer, IWAI
"IWAI - The Voice of the Waterways"

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