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which mobile phone service?

Posted by Giles Byford 
which mobile phone service?
01 January, 2008 16:31
I was wondering if any forum members might be able to advice me about
mobile phone and mobile internet services in Ireland. While in
England we use vodafone's 3G , which is fine in and around denser
populated areas but not so good 'out in the sticks'. Years barging
about in England have left us suspicious of coverage maps provided by
vodafone, orange etc, so it would be reassuring to hear others
experience before we arrive and are left at the mercy of salespeople!

Thanks for the help about Grand Canal draft - I notice that WI I
have put a restriction of 1m draft on the Dublin end which rather
suggests that the remainder must be deeper, which would be nice.

A Happy New Year to you all.

DB Hawthorn.
RE: which mobile phone service?
01 January, 2008 18:13
Hi Giles.

And a Happy New Year to you also.

Ireland mobile coverage is not any different to the UK. In towns and
cities 3G is good but outside of these coverage is poor.

Are you principally interested in 3G coverage for data access? I use a
data card when out and about on the river and can get GPRS (56K)
coverage practically everywhere (on the Shannon at least). 3G coverage
is not widely available. I remember some time ago the IWAI web-master
was thinking of listing the 2G/3G spots on the web-site - but don't know
if it was eventually consolidated from the membership and listed. Anyway
the above are my real-world experiences.

Best wishes,


M.V. Feeling
RE: which mobile phone service?
02 January, 2008 08:13
Hi Giles,

the cheapest prepaid data tariff in Ireland is Meteor "Pay as you go".
Only GPRS, no 3G, but along the Shannon 3G coverage isn't too good
anyway. Meteor charges EUR 4.92 per MB of data download. However, you
have to use the correct access point settings ( to get
the cheap rate. Otherwise your connection will be charged by the much
more expensive WAP rate. If you need any more details, just contact me
off the list, please!


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