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Garmin Nuvi 250w AC and IPod charging

Posted by Tinca UTV 
08 January, 2008 18:52
Do any of the car types allow for uploading marine charts, and/or
connection of a larger display ?
Re: Garmin Nuvi 250w AC and IPod charging
08 January, 2008 20:44
I was talking about the price of the maps up grade. not the unoits
themselves. The last time I was offered a map up grade by the manufacturer
they wanted north of ?200 if my memory serves me. (And yes thats ?s not ?s)
but having a son with a degree in computer science does have its advantages.

I have had in-car sat nav for a long time now. When I first got it I played
with it as well but really, I know my way around the city well enough to
know that the glorious corpo have closed off the majority of the short cuts
in an effort to force the majority of traffic onto their preferred routes,
which is generally the quays. There are a few quickies left but I'm staying
stum !

I live beyond the pale and I found that when I in-putted a journey I was
familiar with they could produce some wonderful diversions and I could never
understand what they were trying to do. I often wondered when I use them on
the continent how good they are. Not being familiar with particular areas
one doesn't know if they are sending you around the world for a shortcut.

I still prefer to have a map in the car as well. I wouldn't dream of relying
solely on a satnav. No satnav map is ever going to be 100% up-to date and it
really is necessary to read the road signs as well as listen to the
seductive voice.

Paul Mc Cann

On 08/01/2008, Noel Griffin wrote:
> Hi Paul
> Corporate greed and marketing stupidity. If they sold it at a sensible
> price the web wouldn't be awash with pirate copies down loadable for free.
> A little OTT, no? smiling smiley
> Whereas if they were reasonable priced they would sell bucket loads of
> them
> Eh? They have and continue to sell loads of them - because the price is
> now fab. It's buttons compared to 24 months ago.
> Take it easy, these guys are the "goodies", they've made car sat nav
> truely granny proof and clearly by their measurable success priced correctly
> for mass market appeal.
> Snowey Froggie
> PS: USB voltage is standard for charging (ie any stuff charged via USB
> lead like iPod, Nuv, etc)
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