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ShrinkWrap boats

Posted by Michael Slevin 
ShrinkWrap boats
10 January, 2008 22:18
Donal Gleeson has been in touch with us re a ShrinkWrap service for boat
owners -
See for details.
Re: ShrinkWrap boats
01 February, 2008 00:22
Good for long term storage or really harsh conditions maybe, but I guess you
just cut it off and throw it away. My old tarp has been totally re-cycled
for the past 15 years, with a few patches here and there.

RE: ShrinkWrap boats
11 January, 2008 12:22

What about the environment ????


Re: ShrinkWrap boats
11 January, 2008 13:40
see [] - I assume it fits into the same
category as baling plastic.
I also like the idea of sealing the boat and attaching adhesive zipped doors
and vents.
I should add that I (nor IWAI) have no interest in this company or product
Re: ShrinkWrap boats
11 January, 2008 18:41
I thought about this but I was told the boat must be PERFECTLY dry before
the wrapping happens and I could just cut it off next season. Who ever
heard of a dry boat?Sounds worse than all the black plastic on farms. I hate
plastic bags.

Stephen Maher

Gerda9 unwrapped and in shed)
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