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Brass Nuts & Bolts

Posted by Colin Becker 
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Brass Nuts & Bolts
24 July, 2017 12:44

Can anyone point me to a supplier of odd-ball brass nuts and bolts.

I need:

1) 20 off 30mm length x 5mm dia brass machine screws with countersunk heads, nuts and washers,

2) 3 off 5/16" x 12TPI brass wingnuts or knurled nuts or even plain hex nuts.

3) 2 off 3/4" x 9TPI Brass nuts similar to the above.

The first one isn't too but the last two might be more of a challenge. The last two items are needed for some port-hole windows on the boat hence the odd dimensions and specification. The original clamping nuts on the portholes have a kind of rind-shaped handle on them rather than a butterfly but I'm guessing they would need to be made specially. The 9TPI seemed like an odd thread pitch but I'm pretty sure its right 'cos I checked it with my trusty thread guage thingy. Can't say for sure whether its a Whitworth or UNC type thread but I think either would work.

Alternatively, anyone know of anyone who sells salvaged portholes who might have some of those kings of things lying around!

Best Wishes,

Re: Brass Nuts & Bolts
26 July, 2017 22:44
Hi Colin

Having to address portholes myself recently, I sourced brass countersunk machine screws from Dublin Nut & Bolt Company, they are based in Parkwest. I also tried Hassetts Nut and Bolt suppliers in Limerick.
I was unable to get the imperial replacement but found a metric replacement.
Hope they can help you out, if not it's something you'll have to get custom made!


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Re: Brass Nuts & Bolts
27 July, 2017 11:24
Kays Fasteners, West Yorkshire can certainly do metric as you need. The Imperial maybe not. Great place for nuts, ask for Hazel.
Re: Brass Nuts & Bolts
28 July, 2017 08:39
Great! Hazel nuts!

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