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RTE Radio - Rescue service or Breakdown service?

Posted by N Griffin 
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RTE Radio - Rescue service or Breakdown service?
29 July, 2017 10:42
RTE Radio - Commercial Hire operators use of Rescue Services for genuine safety or as a break down service? Every story has two sides, but out of the story emerged the more important question about use of rescue services.

22 min radio piece: [] (It is the last few mins of the piece that are interesting)

I never listen to this particular 'whinge box' radio programme that is not famed for its accuracy in reporting, but rather known for sensational entertainment, but as it was waterways related I suffered listening to the show. A well know IWAI member made a contribution near the end of the piece which got onto the topic of use or mis-use of voluntary rescue services by commercial operators. Please avoid posting responses about specific persons or specific companies.

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