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Engine Change

Posted by Colin Becker 
Engine Change
14 August, 2017 14:51

I was sitting on my back deck on Saturday afternoon, sipping a brew, catching a few rays as you do, when this Silver Line cruiser slowly approached the quay and tied up.

About the same time a Silver Line van pulled up on the jetty. The van was towing a trailer with a decent sized engine strapped to the bed. A 5-Pot Nanni as it turned out. I just assumed that the van was coming to sort out some minor technical issue and sort of by the way had a trailer with the engine in tow.

And then a teleporter arrived. Surely not. You can't be serious, were they going to do an on-the spot engine change ?

They were!

Within 45 minutes they had the open section of the roof removed and the old engine out of the boat.

A short time later the replacement engine was lifted in.

They spent a fair bit of time with an industrial hoover cleaning up the boat and the whole thing was done and dusted in about 3 hours I would say.

The boat moved to another berth in Rooskey later on that evening and departed under it's own power on Sunday morning.

I never got to find out what the problem with the engine was. Obviously something fairly serious to warrant swapping an engine out. The German crew seemed relatively unperturbed by the whole affair but I have to say I was really impressed by the professionalism of the Silverline shore crew.
Re: Engine Change
14 August, 2017 21:11
Great pics! Thats a major job to undertake away from the workshop!

I've had engine work done by Silver Line in the past and it was done right the first time, which is always a good sign and pretty rare these days.
Re: Engine Change
17 August, 2017 14:11

I talked to Silver Line yesterday and they they hadn't yet opened up the engine to see what the issue was.
They said that the hirers had been having an issue with a sticky bilge pump switch or something and had noticed that there was oil blowing out of the dip-stick hole though the engine seemed to be running OK. Suspecting possibly a broken con-rod or a broken piston ring or something equally unpleasant, they had decided to swop out the engine.

Silver Line called me back a couple of hours later with the diagnosis: a broken piston ring and a hole in the piston.

Bad news but I guess not catastrophic.

Thanks to Morgan for the photo.

Best Wishes,

GMY Chang Sha
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