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Sealing rings

Posted by Colin Becker 
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Sealing rings
22 August, 2017 12:11

This is a boating related question though it might not seem like it!

I'm looking for a source for some food quality silicone rubber sealing rings for stainless steel flip-top storage canisters.

The rings are 95mm ID 127mm OD and about 2mm thick. The ID might be a smidgen smaller on new ones because the ones I have have gotten a bit stretched over the years.

I can find lots of rings for Mason and Kilner jars on-line but they are a different size. I may have got these jars in Aldi or Lidl or the like years ago.

If I could find a suitable source of sheet silicone rubber, I could cut them out on the lathe but the ideal would be to find a source of the rings.

And yes, it is a boaty matter because the containers in question are meant to keep my tea and sugar dry on the boat and they aren't doing their job just now.

I've heard it's possible to make your own seals using a mould and silicone like what you get in a tube for sealing bath tubs but I wonder if it's as strong and would it be food safe ?

Also, the solution needs to be fairly low cost or I'll just go back to Lidl and buy some new jars, though I hate throwing out perfectly good SS containers.

Best Wishes,

GMY Chang Sha
Re: Sealing rings
22 August, 2017 20:07
Hi Colin
If you know of anyone in the food sector, they will have access to food grade silicone rubber for repairs etc on machinery, but best guess is this may be a lot of hassle to get a quick fix for your Jars, Just bite the bullet and get some new shiny ones and use the old ones for your Desk top pen Holders.

The other solution of making your own, would prove difficult as it is fairly difficult to get Silicone to behave when you are trying to even it out.

Not much help, but good luck with same
Regards Robbie
Re: Sealing rings
24 August, 2017 09:33
Hi Colin.

This may be worth a try.

Cut a piece out of the stretched '0' ring with a sharp knife, and then glue the cut ends back together using 'Super glue'.
To keep the joint straight, make a jig by gluing two matches 3 mm apart on the base of a yogurt tub or other suitable plastic.
Locate the cut ends in the slot with tape or 'blu tack' while the glue sets.

Failing that, Powertran Hyd Equ of Newtownards, BT23 7SZ, tele:- 028 9181 3427 used to sell lengths of 'o' ring material.
I made an o ring belt for a turntable using this method many years ago and it hasn't broken yet.

Hope this helps.


PS This is my first post on this forum.
Re: Sealing rings
24 August, 2017 11:32
Hi Noel,

Hmm hadn't thought of that actually. Funny thing is I've made "O" ring seals several times from lengths of round rubber stock but didn't even think of it for this situation.

The seals are actually flat in section, about 10 x 1.5 so it would take a bit of jigging.

Will superglue work on silicone ?

Re: Sealing rings
24 August, 2017 13:28
Hi Colin
Silicone will stick to Silicone very well, you need the correct Glue follow this link []
another post suggested cyanoacrylate (super glue), just make sure the joints are clean.
Re: Sealing rings
26 August, 2017 10:22

Google it, a great invention by an Irish woman
Re: Sealing rings
06 September, 2017 11:05
OK so never one to do things by half, I found some new containers in Lidl the other day and bought those for a few Euro. They will do the job admirably. However, I wanted to see could I re-use the old containers anyway. I did find a source of silicone adhesive but it was going to cost an arm and a leg just for a small tube so I didn't pursue that. (like 10 Euro for the glue and 50 euro to ship to Galway!)

I did however also find in my searching a source for a food-safe silicone moulding compound (also not cheap but not as ridiculous as the glue) and decided to have a go at moulding some new seals. This stuff is sold for making things like cake decorations from chocolate.

So the first step was to turn a mould in a piece of sycamore on the lathe. You then coat the mould generously with a release agent (you can buy a proprietary one but I found the paste wax I use for wood turning works just fine).

Then you mix up the compound in accordance with the directions, pour it into the mould and level it off. You have to bang the mould fairly vigorously on the table to knock out the air bubbles while not spilling the gloop everywhere. Then leave it to set up for at least 24 hours.

You can then carefully with a thin bladed knife extract the seal from the mould and there it is.

I got the moulding compound from a crowd in NI

Remains to be seen how long the seals will last but it was an interesting exercise and has potential for other situations where one might need a custom seal/gasket.

Best Wishes,

GMY Chang Sha
Re: Sealing rings
08 September, 2017 16:53
Hi Colin
Jen tells me she gets these in IKEA and tesco both sell these in packs of 5 for €2.


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