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New Athlone Bridge - Dept Heritage no show at Bord Pleanála hearing

Posted by N Griffin 
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New Athlone Bridge - Dept Heritage no show at Bord Pleanála hearing
24 August, 2017 22:24
Piece in Irish Time: Bridge across Shannon ‘integral part’ of Dublin-Galway cycleway


Irish Times
The Department of Heritage failed to attend a Bord Pleanála hearing on a proposal to build a bridge across the river Shannon in Athlone, about which it expressed concerns in a submission.

For safety reasons I hope the air draft on the western end of the cycleway bridge will be no lower than the existing road bridge. It will also affect the UDC town marina in Athlone. The planning application shows the bridge directly over the southern most pontoon jetties rendering them unusable for safety and antisocial reasons (i.e. objects being dropped from bridge, noise late at night, etc). There doesn't seem to be a plan to remove the jetty section and replace with more upstream to compensate for the loss of amenity and mooring space.


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