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Posted by patrick masterson 
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26 August, 2017 10:40
Hi,,I have a keel cooled barge in Shannon harbour,,Kubota engine overheating after approximately 1 hours running. Blowing water out of rad cap. Head has been off and tested,new gasket,water pump seems OK and thermostat working. Any help appreciated. I'm not a mechanic so no clue.

Thanks Patrick
Re: Overheating
26 August, 2017 16:27
Hi Patrick, I assume the 'rad cap' is the one on the header tank? Have you noticed any drop in the water level in the header tank, if so you might have a leak in the hoses, or possibly from corrosion on the skin tank. Most likely place would be where pipes are welded to top of the tank. Had this problem with mine, got a new skin tank fitted on opposite side

Re: Overheating
28 August, 2017 12:01
Hi Patrick, investigate the possibility of an air lock on the keel cooled system. Trace the water pipe to its highest point on the system. There may be a bleed screw to release any trapped air. Open screw until air escapes and water flows through it. Had same problem some years ago. Overheating, replaced head gasket to no avail. Bleed screw solved the problem.


Pat Nolan
Tinca Tinca
Re: Overheating
02 September, 2017 23:12
Thanks for message,,mechanic coming tomorrow,, so hopefully it will work out.
Re: Overheating
02 September, 2017 23:13
Thanks for message Pat.
Mechanic coming tomorrow,, hopefully will get it sorted

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