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Solar Panels

Posted by tomgadget/TEI 
Solar Panels
01 November, 2017 22:51
Hi all,
Anyone out there with info on solar panels.
im thinking of putting a few on my boat for next season. i have four batteries on board . one starter and the others for domestic. fridge is going most of the time and turned down for night time use if i remember. the ceiling lights are all led. tv is used for a couple of hours every evening and is 12v itself. the usual collection of micro usb devices will also be in use during the day.

any ideas.

Re: Solar Panels
02 November, 2017 22:35

we have found the key to getting some power out of some panels is to invest in a solar controller. It does some trickery with the voltage the panels to maximise the power output. 6 old panels was enough to run pumps and 12v lights on a live-aboard during the winter months, and enough to run the electric fridge during the summer.

Brief math breakdown.

if the panels are 10% efficient then you get about 130w (average during daylight) per square meter of panels (new panels should be in the 18% region for efficiency). In winter expect to get half that (also the days are shorter). So work out how much power you need and make up enough panels to make the square meters you need.
Re: Solar Panels
08 November, 2017 19:51
hi andy,

thanks for the info.

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