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Rudder and Skeg rusting.

Posted by John Nutley 
Rudder and Skeg rusting.
07 December, 2017 22:16
Hi all,
I'm new to this forum, so apologies for any errors. I have a Broom Skipper which has a lot of corrosion on the rudder and skeg plate. She is on the hard this winter, so I was wondering about trying to treat it with something. Is there any point though, given that they are submerged? All suggestions welcome. Thanks, John.
Re: Rudder and Skeg rusting.
08 December, 2017 11:14
Hi John,
Welcome to the forum.
Given the Skipper is a fibreglass boat I would review a few things regarding the corrosion,
Is she fitted with anodes?
Is she wired for shore power?
Not meaning to panic you but I would consider having the wiring checked to ensure you don’t have electrolysis issues on the only metal parts in the water.
Did she spend a lot of time in salt water?
When charging batteries in the boat disconnect them from the boat prior to charging otherwise the charger is potentially using your underwater metal bits as sacrificial elements.

Regarding treating the metal, if it’s badly corroded perhaps consider replacing while you’re on the hard. Or if it’s all sound there are some excellent underwater metal primer products on the market, following significant cleaning of the corrosion and steel the first coat onto bare steel should be thinned as per the manufactures instructions, then followed by 2-3 liberal coats of unthinned primer, following this a few applications of top coat of your choice e.g. anti foul/ or similar.

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