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Barge accessories

Posted by Richard Farrelly 
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Barge accessories
21 December, 2017 22:56
Greetings all....

a simple query but one that's proving difficult to find a solution for....we're looking for 2 barge poles. one, 12' long with no hook...gondola style...and one 9' with hook. Anyone know where they can be purchased? Thanks all!.
Re: Barge accessories
22 December, 2017 15:11
Hi Richard,

What I use is a 16ft length of 2" round banister rail. It has a little bit of a flat on one side but you don't really notice.

I had several of them made a few years ago by McDonaghs (the timber people, not the fish & chip shop!) in Galway but I imagine any decent joinery workshop could do them. They weren't expensive. Mine are made of ash which is a bit on the heavy side but I think that's preferable to having one that's a bit fragile as they get quite a lot of abuse. I just gave it a few coats of Sadolin to finish it.

As to where you get the hook for the top, I think you can get those in a decent chandlers. I already have one that looks like it was made by a blacksmith a hundred years ago so I've never bought one!

Best Wishes,

GMY Chang Sha
Re: Barge accessories
22 December, 2017 19:46
That's probably a pikestaff you have, Colin........"who fears to speak...."

Re: Barge accessories
22 December, 2017 22:33
Hi Richard, I have been using an old sailboard mast made from fibreglass for many years. It is very strong, very light, needs no maintenance and is just the right length. My son uses one also on the 47M. Defo worth a look, I find the timber ones just too heavy.

Les 41M
Re: Barge accessories
24 December, 2017 09:13
Ash is the best wood to use.

If a pole snaps under pressure the grain of the ash is such that it doesn't create a large sharp shard that could turn you into a Christmas sausage on a cocktail stick.

Some guys advertise on Donedeal/ Adverts making oars, maybe they could sort you. One for example []

In saying that, I make them out of 2x2 plained timber from the builder providers. Normally white deal, straight with no knots. I champher the edges with a plane to make it a bit more ergonomic and a couple of coats of Sadolin. Cheap as chips, around a fiver. As long as they're not abused, ie used as a pole and not a lever, they last for years.

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