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Recent Boat Sinkings

Posted by IWAI P.R.O. 
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Recent Boat Sinkings
03 January, 2011 23:26
The Association has expressed serious concern at the amount of boats that sunk as a direct result of the recent severe weather. Many were as a result of poor or no winterisation. However others had inherent weakness which should cause manufacturers to look closer at ways to equip vessels in future for severe winter conditions. This may well be the norm while the earth is in its current cycle. One particular vessel a Broom only a few years old with three individual electric heaters in a secure marina berth and in regular use went down overnight. The cause was a small plastic filter on the Toilet inlet which failed due to severe ice. This filter was the weak link. It was a Jabsco unit but it only had quarter the strength and none of the flexibility of the hoses to which it was attached. Another substantial cruiser suffered a similar fate when the Toilet pump split due to ice. We have not seen temperatures so low for an extended period on record ever! The quality and strength of such fittings must improve . Owners need to check on their craft regularly or have a local do it. The lessons learned this winter must be taken seriously. Heaters may not be enough, ALL sea cocks have to be shut. We will be paying more for our marine insurance next year have a good look at your boat for the weak link.

Paul Garland

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