Four Pots exploration – Oct 21

The Four Pots, also known as the Big Pot, Little Pot, the Boolan and the Skillet

On our cruise to the Naas Canal Festival this year, we will be exploring the Four Pots.

This unusually named piece of canal architecture, situated close to Digby Bridge on the Grand Canal, consists of circular basins inter connected by tunnels and connected to the canal through a land rack.

Built in the late 1800s, as an overflow, the water entered the outer ring from the canal, then it spilled over each ring to break down the force of the water so it would not cause any damage to the bank when it exited into the river.  It is unique in Ireland and part of our national heritage.

Here is a discussion, which took place in 2013, on the Helpful Engineer site.  

Pots diagram from thhelpfulengineer