The people of Robertstown led by Fr PJ Murphy preserved the Grand Hotel as a canal museum and initiated an annual series of period banquets and canal festivals. This gallery pays tribute to all involved especially to Fr PJ. Kildare IWAI thanks Miriam Malone for permission to use these images.

Assistance, regeneration and maintenance - showing WI staff and volunteers providing support on the Grand Canal.

Boats of all shapes, sizes, materials and construction are found on the canals and river in Kildare, from small dinghies to large 61x13 ft old working boats. Among the liveaboard community, widebeam barges are popular. Here are some examples.

One of Kildare's hidden gems is the Corbally Herbertstown Branch extending from Naas for 8 kilometres to Corbally Harbour. Unfortunately, in the 1950s a culvert was built across it thereby rendering the line impassable to boats, walkers and cyclists. The IWAI is campaigning for its use as a linear park for all.

Views of waterways in and around Kildare - new and old

Members and friends of Kildare IWAI on their travels in 2011 and 2012. Many thanks to Conor Nolan, Declan Woolhead and others for these excellent photos.

Photographs of Kildare IWAI plaques and burgees, some feature members' boats.