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The Newry & Portadown branch were today at the Titanic Centre in Belfast for the Coca-cola, Tidy NI environment and coast care awards. We were nominated for “Inland Waterways Group of the year” and one of our members Eamon Burke was nominated for “most committed environmental volunteer of the year”. I am very happy to announce VERY LOUDLY 🙂 that we won in both categories. The branch put in 2,500 hours of voluntary conservation work on the canal last year and it is great for our efforts to be recognised in this way. Eamonn Burke looks on the canal as an old friend to protected and cared for. Throughout the summer he almost single-handedly maintained the work we’d done over the winter, killing weeds and cutting grass. We were all absolutely delighted to see his commitment recognised by one of the few organisations that gives out volunteer awards for environmental work.

photos to follow

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