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To make an online entry for an IWAI Rally please click on one of the events below, preferably after you have logged into your IWAI online member profile. If you login before accessing the online entry form, then most of the form fields will already be filled in with your contact details saving you time. Alternatively you can go directly to the rally profile page and enter online by filling out the entire form.

All Events Open Planned Closed
Event Rally Start Date Status        
SBR2018 Shannon Boat Rally 2018 27-07-2018 Closed        
LDR2018 Lough Derg Rally 43 07-07-2018 Closed        
DR2018 Dublin Rally 34 - 2018 04-05-2018 Closed        
SBR2017 Shannon Boat Rally 2017 28-07-2017 Closed        
LDR2017 Lough Derg Rally 42 08-07-2017 Closed        
DR2017 Dublin Rally 33 - 2017 06-05-2017 Closed        
SBR2016 Shannon Boat Rally 2016 22-07-2016 Closed        
LDR2016 Lough Derg Rally 41 09-07-2016 Closed        
DR2016 Dublin Rally 32 - 2016 07-05-2016 Closed        
SBR2015 Shannon Boat Rally 2015 25-07-2015 Closed        
LDR2015 Lough Derg Rally 40 11-07-2015 Closed        
SBR2014 Shannon Boat Rally 2014 26-07-2014 Closed        
LDR2014 Lough Derg Rally 39 05-07-2014 Closed        
LSER2014 Limerick/Shannon Estuary Rally 2014 27-06-2014 Closed        
SBR2013 Shannon Boat Rally 2013 26-07-2013 Closed        
LSER2012 Limerick/Shannon Estuary Rally 2012 29-06-2012 Closed        
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