02. Recent News

Just launched:

LoveTheRoyal boat sticker

At our January meeting we launched a branch window sticker, for boat and car. The design features our slogan ‘LoveTheRoyal’ above a royal blue heart. In the center of the heart is QR code (which is a type of barcode). This allows the viewer to scan the QR code with their smart phone which will take them directly to our website’s home page.

Smart phones generally have an app such as NeoReader or QR Scanner already installed. These apps are used for reading different types of barcodes. Scanning this QR code will give the viewer the option to launch a web page and go directly to our website (presuming the user has mobile data available OR Wifi).

In the future, any publicity material we produce can feature the Royal Canal Branch QR code. It creates a direct link back to our website where we can offer further information on a given item. Whether it be a sticker, leaflet or signage, space is often limited. This allows us to elaborate fully on a subject, and brings more traffic to our website. It will hopefully attract further interest from prospective members.


IWAI Royal Canal branch burgee

Also at our January meeting we agreed a burgee design which we hope to be in a position to put into production later this year, when funds allow. The burgee features the magnificent triple arched Boyne Aqueduct, which takes the Royal Canal over the River Boyne. In a ‘nod’ to the working history of the canal, a lone bargeman is shown traversing the aqueduct aboard his barge.

It’s great to have our own identity and we look forward to flying the Royal Canal flag when we are out and about on the waterways, and when visiting other branches’ events.




The Shortcut to the Shannon!

This was an expensive shortcut, a journey that no-one wants to make. Recent low water levels on the Royal Canal unfortunately culminated with this cruiser being craned out of the canal to avoid further damage, and transported by road back to the Shannon. A Green & Silver journey which was three quarters done had to be abandoned. The events have been well publicized and prompted two Letters’ to the Editor in the winter edition of IWN 2017.

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