03. The Royal 200




The Royal 200 is the brainchild of Kate White-Miggan, (our branch secretary). To commemorate the two hundredth year since the opening of the Royal Canal we aim to develop a log of boat journeys along the Royal during a one year period.

The true scale of traffic is currently unknown and undocumented. W.I. record figures of vessels entering Richmond Harbour or Spencer Dock, but that ignores totally the cruisers, narrow boats, day-boats, and small vessels that go back and forth along sections repeatedly throughout the year. It also ignores the number of canoe-polo clubs playing on the canal, or the canoe clubs which are based upon or train upon the canal.

The length of the journey is relevant but not as important as documenting every journey. So if you are planning a trip all the way along the canal, in either direction, we want to know. And if you are planning to canoe or cruise just a short section, we still want to know.

We will issue a Royal 200 certificate to anyone completing a Royal journey and registering it with us (*there will be a nominal fee for each certificate). There is no charge for registering a journey. It would be wonderful if we managed to reach the magical number of 200. It’s a lofty goal but let’s see how we get on – here’s hoping!



Boat Journeys logged so far this Year

Please send your details to us
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*As a new branch, funds are tight. There will be a nominal fee of €7 to cover our costs for each certificate. Payment can be made by EFT (electronic funds transfer). Our BIC and IBAN will appear here shortly. Alternatively you can send a Cheque or Postal Order to:
Branch Treasurer
IWAI Royal Canal Branch
c/o Sprucefield, Carrick, Edenderry, Co. Offaly, Ireland.

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