The Boyne Navigation branch of the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland (IWAI) held their annual Open Day on Sunday, 28th August, 2016, to coincide with National Heritage Week. The Open Day was IWAI Boyne Navigation’s biggest event of the year.
Boat trips started at the restored sea lock at Oldbridge – Lock 1 where everybody entering a boat was provided with a lifejacket. The journey took passengers along this stretch of the waterway up by Oldbridge Estate.
Demand for the trips was high with an estimated turnout of 500 people. Due to the level of interest from members of the public, the plan to run boat trips from 2-5pm had to be extended to 6:30pm.
Refreshments and food was provided free of charge by Maeve, Marie and their band of helpers in the Lock House garden and a designated car park was provided on the grounds of Oldbridge Estate.
IWAI Boyne Navigation is a voluntary group who are making great strides in the restoration of the Boyne Canal. The Canal interlinks with the River Boyne to connect the towns of Navan & Slane to Drogheda & the sea beyond.
Volunteer workers have now moved on to the Staleen or second section of waterway.

IWAI Boyne Navigation hopes that many of the people that attended the Open Day on Sunday, 28th will support the restoration efforts by becoming members or simply by making a donation.
More information about our restoration work can be obtained by logging on to:
More photos available on request. Please email for more information.
Inland Waterways Association of Ireland

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