IWAI have prepared a press release to mark the occasion with our peer organisation the Heritage Boat Association (HBA); as a project partnership with Waterways Ireland (WI) and Coras Iompair Éireann (CIÉ). Images and historical documents will also be released. The material is being issued tonight, for your consideration for inclusion in your print and radio features on Monday 25th November 2019 which is the 60th anniversary of the issue of a memo by CIÉ advising of the closure of the Grand Canal to commercial barge trading boats from 01 January 1960.

As the memo was issued from Kingsbridge on 25th November 1959 (now Heuston Station), CIÉ kindly facilitated a photo shoot at Heuston Station this morning which was attended by Alan Kelly, President IWAI, Catriona Hilliard IWAI project coordinator, John Kearns IWAI Dublin Vice Chair, Ben Treacy HBA Vice Chair, Cllr Declan Harvey representing Offaly Tourism and Tony Doran, Station Manager Heuston Station.

Following issue of this press release, images and documents over the weekend for your hoped for use on Monday; IWAI will also release the information for use on social media and will be tagging and linking to many of your organisations. The project would be obliged if you could share to all of your followers to spread the word on this project from Monday November 25th.

This event is the start of a celebration and information campaign with regard to the Grand Canal which will run right through to the end of 2020.

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