End of Season Cruise in Company 2015

So the end of another season and cruising company with great friends, including some new friends who were with us for what we hope is the first of their many CIC’s!

jhdfjI’m sure you’ll all agree, the Lough Ree Inn, couldn’t have done more to accommodate us, the staff were super and they provided us with a fantastic spread on Saturday night, so a huge thanks to all there. A big shout out and thank you to Leo and Brian for Friday night, and to Brigitte who had her camera at the ready all weekend and got some brilliant pictures.

kkFinally a special thank you to Paul King who made a huge effort to join us Saturday to show us the new website…  https://www.iwai.ie/athlone/

wgOn behalf of Suzanne and myself, thanks for asking us to get involved and to everyone for all the extra help over the weekend, it was really appreciated.

End of Season is a bittersweet weekend, it was so nice to see everyone, and yet tinged with sadness, that it’s for another year, but we look forward to seeing you all again next season. See loads of more pics in the gallery

Over and out,

Suzanne & Lorna, Tuppence

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