New floating jetty for Rindoon Castle

Waterways Ireland this summer installed a floating jetty at Rindoon Bay in Lough Ree, just North of Marker 4. The jetty is anchored by one single pile and can swing around into the wind, should the weather change. This jetty is a welcome addition for all who would like to explore the ruins of pre-Norman settlement Rindoon Castle (the keep which was constructed by Geoffrey de Marisco in 1227) towards the end of the peninsula of St.John’s Point.

RINDOON JETTYAll you need is a dinghy to get to Safe Harbour, Rindoon’s thriving port. (Naval and merchant vessels operated
out of Rindoon as well as a ferry connecting Roscommon to Westmeath). You can then enjoy the looped walk of 3.43 km developed by St. John’s Parish Heritage Group. This is a national treasure, just waiting to be explored!

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