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New Ross to Rouen on the River Seine

Having loaded Aquarelle in New Ross, and boarded the ferry in Rosslare, we arrived in Cherbourg the next day after a very smooth crossing. We had some problems driving on to and off the ferry due to the angles on the ramps, but solved them with a few planks of wood under the trailer wheels. We did, however, break a plate off the landing leg of the trailer when it jammed in the ramp.

There were no problems with the boat at customs, but they wanted all the paperwork for the truck, and even dipped it’s tank looking for green diesel.

After an hour’s delay our ‘Voiture Pilote’ turned up to lead our ‘Convoi Exceptionel’ (sounds much better than Wide Load!). He did ok until we got to Caen where he took the wrong route, and had us on the ring road where wide loads are not permitted. Consequently, we were both pulled over by ’The Law’ on 2 motorbikes. He was fined €90. That delayed us 3/4 of an hour, but we then got a police escort to get us on the right road. We stopped near Lisieux for the night, and then drove around for 1/2 hour in the ‘Voiture Pilote’ to get something to eat.