Briare continued

Briare town runs free classes in French twice weekly for immigrants to which anyone is welcome to join.
While Mike attended those Rosaleen started German classes with a Danish lady. No time to feel bored!
There is always something of interest to go to in the area be it the mobile cinema, a show or concert
in the comfortable and modern Social and Cultural Centre, or an exhibition in one of the museums.
Family and friends visited too, which was lovely; we proudly brought them around the town and area and
though the weather was cold and grey at times, we endeavoured to show the charm and appeal of it all.
This winter we did some translating for the Tourist Office, as we wanted to give back something to the town
for the exceptional kindness, friendliness and welcome we had received.
They have a huge amount of material on the town, the canals, the amazing aqueduct, including information
in large print for the partially sighted, and in Braille for the blind, but very little in English.
Some of what they had had been very poorly translated in the past, and some didn’t even make sense.
We enjoyed the challenge of that, and it was good for our French, too!