Aquarelle in France (2006)

What a wonderful year we had in 2005!  The final packing up and moving to France,
 the first season’s memorable experiences, and then finding such good moorings for the winter in Briare,
the culmination and celebration of years of dreaming and planning - we wondered what 2006 would bring.
 It was a busy year, an interesting year in which we came to appreciate, understand and love France
 and the French people more, and we made some very good friends. We also found out more about ourselves.
 Away from the life and routines we had enjoyed and,perhaps taken for granted for so long,
it was certainly a huge change in pace, familiar daily content and contact.
We discovered that the lifestyle suits us down to – well – down to the water!

Briare cont.
Off We Go (Long Way Round !)
Off We Go!
Ooh La La!
Climbing again: Sideways!
Another Cruise-in-Company
Time Flies
Inclined Again
Crazy Boaters!
Strépy-Thieu Boat-Lift
End of Season