Ooh La La!

A cruise down the Rhine/Grand Canal d’Alsace followed, whizzing along at some 19km
(current + full throttle), quite an experience, being buffeted about by the wash from vast hotel boats
and strings of huge, laden barges, ploughing determinedly along. Calmer waters then when we turned up into
the Northern Branch of the Rhône-Rhine Canal at Boofsheim and had a visit from Mike’s nephew and two other
Irish motor bikers on their way home from Switzerland where they’d been touring. A happy time was spent as
they exchanged notes on engine problems and suchlike with Mike, ever a bike enthusiast, as they serviced
their bikes and cooled off out of their leathers. They stayed for B&B and the morning’s cruise,
before we headed for Strasbourg - a quick visit, mainly to the two chandleries we always need something and
enjoy the visits too- before facing Aquarelle westwards.

Along the canal not far from Strasbourg we stopped for lunch beside the Forêt de Brumath in very warm
and sunny weather. On the opposite canal bank to us there was a cycle track, the old tow-path,
beside which a young couple had pitched a tent. He was fishing while she was sunbathing topless.
Along the cycle track came an elderly couple on bikes. The poor man was so engrossed in looking at the nubile,
topless young girl that he cycled straight into the canal! Who but the girl then jumped into the canal to rescue
him and his bike while his wife cycled on with straight back; head and eyes firmly front.
Perfection! It was like a cameo piece from an old film of the slapstick variety played out before us;
and still makes us chuckle any time we think of it.