Pont a Bar to Namur on the River Meuse 2

The Meuse became more and more beautiful as we moved towards and into Belgium, very meandery with huge loops, and amazing cliff formations where the glaciers carved out the valley, all very steep, sometimes bare rock, with a lot of quarrying, various towns with citadels high above, and then other places are all afforestation. Even during a day of driving rain, thinning to a steady drizzle, the scenery was lovely, and I managed to get quite a few photos which give some idea of the area.

In Namur, we actually climbed up to the Citadel, mainly as we thought we were going to see the ‘Cirque Plume’, whom we had seen at the Dublin Theatre Festival a few years ago, and had enjoyed immensely at the time. We rushed up in the heat, arrived just before the performance was due to start, to discover that they were totally booked out, with no hope of tickets that evening, either, which was a bit of a disappointment, but to be expected, perhaps. So cold drinks and a rest were the order of the day, and then a slower walk back down, taking in a museum on the way. Both culture and exercise had been attended to, and we felt quite virtuous! We met the Irish gang again toiling their way up, and they called in to see us to cool off and relax a couple of hours later.