Time Flies

Next we set off down the very pretty River Moselle from Konz in Germany. Passing along the Luxembourg
border we were proud to be able to fly their distinctive waterways courtesy flag, which differs from the
country flag and can only be worn while along that 35-or-so kilometres of the River. We stopped in the sole
marina of Schwabsange for a couple of nights and took a day trip to the small and interesting city of
Luxembourg, well worth the visit.
The summer was passing quickly: we still had a long way to go and couldn’t hang around so on we went;
through a rather sombre, rain-soaked Metz to Pont-à-Mousson, then Toul, the weather still wet and rather
miserable, before turning up into the Canal de l’Est Branche Nord which brought us to sunny Verdun
a place renowned for its grim military connections during various wars.
Nowadays  it is a lively town with a lot of well-preserved, fascinating though sad and thought-provoking
heritage sights reminding us of the pointlessness of war and of man’s inhumanity to man.
The port is right in the middle of the town and the moorings are free so we were lucky to find a spot for a
couple of days before continuing on to Sedan. There we delayed just long enough to visit the massive fortress
and be interviewed by the local newspaper re our lifestyle, before pressing on up the Canal and into Belgium
to get to Namur on the River Meuse for our fill of cheap red diesel, needed for winter heating ahead and
cruising in 2007.