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Welcome to the new look IWAI forum

All the users that posted on the old forum and data from the old forum is here up to 30/12/2019.

You must be logged in to create posts or reply to topics , just like the old forum .

If you have never used the forum , then you will need to register using the [Forum Register Link]  and validate your email and be accepted by a moderator.

To login use the username and password from the old forum , if that does not work use the [lost password link] to reset your password and try to login again.

If you don’t remember your old username , you can use your email address as the username

Please then update your user profile with the [Edit Profile Link]

NOTE: We have many registered spam users that never post or do not have full profiles ,  We will be removing users that have not completed the full profile update overtime.

If all else fails register for the forum using the [Forum Register Link] 

If None of these sort out your access contact me on 

Please bear with me while I sort out any access issues , I will react as quick as I can.

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