Workday Notice – 14th December  2021


We will be holding a workday this Saturday 14th December 2019 from 10:00 at Oldbridge Sealock – Lock 1*.

Our planned work: We will continue cutting overhanging growth up from Lock 1.

The last day: Lock 1 was cleaning up. Water in this section was so clear, that one of our volunteers walked up along the way, to see what “treasure” (rubbish) leark under the waters.

Lock 3 was pumped out, with the intentions of fitting up the missing mechanism for the Tailgates (river end). Our group worked late to fitted these. Our crew worked late but we managed to fit up one gate. The intension was to finish work for the year at this workday for the year but we’ll have a bonus days work :-).

We provide free magazines, produced by our parent group and give them to all takers, drop by if such might take your fancy.

Hope to see you along on Saturday,
Written on behalf of Kevin Fullam (Project Manager)
Boyne Navigation – I.W.A.I.