All Welcome:

We are always looking for new volunteers to help out with our voluntary restoration. We normally hold workdays on a Saturday fortnightly bases. Everybody is welcome.

Our group is a mix of skilled and non-skilled volunteers. We should be able to find work for all that come along.

What type of work:

The majority of work has taken place on the Drogheda but we also have a group working up in Navan. To give an idea of the type of work carried out, it can range from picking litter (using our little boat), masonry (rebuilding stonewall canal banks, pointing, etc..), woodworking to light gardening type work (cutting grass, trimming back foliage, cutting of tree branches and the sort). The list of work is endless and can vary depending on the time of the year. Lunch is provided on the day.

We also have the side of our work, administrative, if people would like to get involved with that also.

The only bad part:

Volunteers are entitled to participate in 5 workdays with our groups but will need to become members after that, for insurance reasons. You can join by clicking here.