Walks and trails

There is a wealth of opportunities for those that want to take some time exploring the area close to the waterways. Whether it is a short or long walk, to commune with nature or go back in history, there is a walk for everyone. If anyone has any suggestions for additions to this list please pass on.


There is a historical sign-posted walk in Carrick that will take you on a tour of of the town’s past and present, from the riverside to the Town Hall, the Costello Memorial Chapel to Gallows Hill! The walk starts on the quay side at the Tourist Office (old Barrel Store). Did you know that the Barge 41M made a final delivery of 20 tons of flour from Limerick to the quay wall here in 1959? The Tourist Office have a printed guide to the walk available to guide you on your tour.

Derrycarne Woods:

 On the shores of Lough Boderg/Bofin: https://www.leitrimireland.com/listings/derrycarne-woods/

Drumsna – Trollope Trail:

A histrical trail through Drumsna:  http://drumsna.com/?page_id=22

Drumhauver Bridge Loop:

A 10km loop along the Lough Allen Canal starting at Battlebridge Lock: http://leitrimtourism.com/stories/drumhauver-bridge-loop/

Drumleague Lock Loop:

A 5km version of the Drumhaover Loop above: http://leitrimtourism.com/stories/drumleague-lock-loop-walk/

Miners Way:

The Arigna Miners Way is a series of way-marked long distance walking routes that form a network of paths through three of Ireland’s most picturesque and unspoilt counties of Leitrim, Roscommon and Sligo: http://leitrimtourism.com/stories/arigna-miners-w

Sliabh an Iarainn Looped Walks:

Up to 20km of Way Marked Walks on the slopes of Sliabh an Iarainn and Bencroy mountains: http://leitrimtourism.com/stories/sliabh-an-iarainn/

Bluebell Wood Knockvicar:

Many of our members have an annual pilgrimage to this wood in May, when the forest floor explodes with a blue carpet as the Bluebells blossom: https://www.outdoorfitnesssligo.com/travel-blog/bluebell-wood-county-roscommon

Knockvicar Bog Loop:

A great walk starting on the R285 South of Knockvicar Bridge: https://www.irishtrails.ie/Trail/Knockvicar—Bog-loop/652/

Lough Key Forest Park:

We are spoiled for choice with multiple walks to explore in the Park. Two of the most popular (Drummans Island and the Bog Garden) are linked here: https://www.irishtrails.ie/Trail/Lough-Key—Drummans-Island-Trail/755/ and https://www.irishtrails.ie/Trail/Lough-Key—The-Bog-Garden-Trail/754/