The ISA / IWAI Certificate of Competency
for Motor Cruising on Inland Waterways

The Course

This short course will provide a basic level of competency to those who wish to skipper or take charge of a displacement motor cruiser on inland waters. If you have not previously done the level 1 course all its elements will be covered during this course.

The course would normally consist of 18 hours of tuition over two days and have a maximum of 3 students per Instructor. The emphasis is very much on hands on experience. The necessary theoretical tuition should where possible be built into the on the water training. Where practical you will be living on board for the duration of the course. Assessment is continuous over the duration of the course though there is a facility for direct assessment for those with suitable experience. Candidates may use their own boats for the course provided they are of a suitable type and condition.

Direct assessment

There is provision for direct assessment for the Certificate of Competency for those with significant previous experience of skippering motor cruisers on the inland waterways. Normally this would be a minimum of one full cruising season. The direct assessment may be conducted in two ways

  1. Own boat assessments
    Using a boat supplied by the candidate and on their home waters. In this case the assessment is conducted by an ISA / IWAI examiner. Candidate wishing to use this method should contact the ISA for details or see general information.
  2. Assessment at an ISA Recognised Teaching Establishment
    The assessment is conducted at the centre using either your own boat or one supplied by the centre. Candidates wishing to use this method should contact the centre. Details of participating centres are available from the ISA.The assessment will consist of an practical assessment of boat handling skills. There will also be an assessment of theoretical knowledge to the standard of the Level 2 syllabus. This may be conducted aurally on a one to one basis or as a multiple choice written paper.

An Introduction to Motor Cruising on Inland Waterways

This one day introduction to Motor Cruising on Inland Waterways will provide a good level of basic knowledge for anyone cruising in a motor boat on the inland waterways. It is particularly aimed at those who will be crewing boats, however it also provides the first step for those who want to go on to do the level 2 course which is recommended for anyone wishing to skipper or take charge of a boat.

This introductory course should consist of a minimum of 8 hours tuition and have a maximum of 3 students per Instructor. The emphasis is very much on hands on experience. All the necessary theoretical tuition being built into the training given out on the water.

Where can you do an ISA/IWAI course?

To do an ISA/IWAI course, and get your ISA certificate, you must go to one of the many centres around the country that has been recognised by the ISA. These centres all use ISA qualified staff who will use a national syllabus ensuring that you get the safest, best and most up to date instruction possible. The centres have also all undertaken to maintain certain minimum standards of facility and equipment. The ISA works closely with these centres to help them develop the safest and best courses possible. It also inspects them regularly to make sure that standards are being maintained.

Only ISA recognised centres can use the ISA’s “Recognised Teaching Establishment” logo on its advertising or brochures. Details of the recognised centres countrywide are available from the ISA Office.

The Irish Sailing Association

The ISA runs the training schemes listed below. These are all offered at ISA recognised centres around the country.

The ISA National Sailing Scheme
The ISA National Windsurf Scheme
The ISA National Powerboat Scheme
The ISA Junior Sailing Scheme
The ISA Yachtmaster Scheme
The ISA Inland Waterways Scheme

For details contact the ISA office.

The ISA Powerboat Training scheme is the most appropriate training scheme for small open boats. It can be taught in displacement as well as planing boats with the exception of the Advanced Certificate. The ISA Yachtmaster scheme provides for the needs of those wishing to cruise at sea & in larger Motorboats.

General Information

The Irish Sailing Association
3 Park Road,
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin
Phone: 01 280 0239
Fax: 01 2807558