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Please note that currently The IWAI Forum and the Charts Access Website are all separate user systems from the IWAI membership login and to get access to either you need to register on the individual website to get access. We are working on combining them all into a single sign on but it will take a little time

If you are making contact to request help , please mention which website you are having a problem with

Shop  / Forum /Membership system / Charts SIG access  – so we can expedite your enquiry

Before you send a query, please review the list of frequently asked questions. Please note that we get a large number of queries about our waterways and we will give preference to answering questions that aren’t covered in this FAQ page.

Similarly, don’t forget to search our website or if your inquiry is specific to an area , you can contact the local IWAI branch , see the list of Branch links below.

If you would like to send a message to the Association Officers or the developers responsible for this website, please email us, giving as much detail as possible about the nature of your inquiry.

ROI – Free-Call : 1800 924991

NI : 02838 325329


Int: +353 (0)91 589333

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