Local Links

Here are a selection of links to sites you may find of interest. 

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Local Weather for the Lakes Met Éireann
Derg Rally on Facebook Derg Rally
Eamon Egan Marine Services Eamon Egan
Killaloe Coast Guard KCG
Marine Notices WI
Islands of Lough Derg Mountshannon.com
Waterways Ireland WI
Walks – Lough Derg IWAI Walks
Shannon Region Trails Shannon Development
Castlebawn – 

A visit not to be missed – Ring Pat Cody on 087 – 2920880 to book a visit.

Tina & Willi’s trips to Derg 

These are fantastic blogs with pictures and detailed commentry including their trip down to Limerick,

Derg Branch CIC’s, and their visits to other areas in our region.

A very good read.

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