Water Quality in Grand Canal Dock

Water quality data indicates high levels of pollutants at Grand Canal Dock!

Inland Waterways are subject to regular tests for water quality under Government regulations. Test results released recently show high concentrations of pollutants E.Coli and Enterococci (suggesting the presence of faecal contamination) at many locations around GCD during the period January-June this year.
From 650 tests carried out, just over 150 were found to have breached safe limits for fresh water. On occasion the concentrations were found to be over 12 times the established safety limit.
For reasons that are unclear, regular daily testing took place up to mid March and was resumed two months later in Mid May. With one or two exceptions water quality in May was was of acceptable quality.
We have known for some time that GCD water pollution is linked to the action of a storm water outfall discharging into the harbour. Despite numerous promises and commitments over the decades this problem has never been resolved.


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