COVID 19 Guidance

COVID 19 Guidance 


Recommendations for Lough Erne Branch members during the Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. Please ensure that you are travelling directly to and from your boat, not stopping for supplies on your journey. You should prepare in advance and consider what provisions you will need when you are doing your weekly food shopping.

  2. Be aware of the following surfaces and avoid contact if possible:
    • Locked Gates, Keypads or access restrictions
    • Water taps and shore power bollards
    • Handrails, benches, light switches, boat or jetty cleats, and other frequent touchpoints
    • Shared use trollies or wheelbarrows, fuel drums or pumps

Where you do make contact with the above surfaces, ensure you do not touch your eyes, mouth, nose, or face until you have thoroughly washed or sanitised your hands.

  1. Water taps should not be used at this time – please bring a supply of safe drinking water with you to your boat.


  1. Please be aware that trolleys may not be available – consider how you will carry your belongings to/from your boat, limiting close contact with others through repeated trips.



  1. While visiting your boat and within marinas, practice and maintain social distancing at all times. Please be patient and courteous to other marina and lough users. Take your time and allow sufficient 2 metre physical distance to pass on jetties. Use finger jetties or stay aboard your boat until it is safe to pass.


  1. Please remain on your own boat and do not board others’ boats to socialise regardless of how tempting this may be.



  1. Should you choose to cruise at this time, please be mindful that your actions have consequences, I encourage you to consider the following:


    1. Is your boat well maintained and fully de-winterised following a protracted period of not being used? Please ensure you have completed adequate servicing and checks before leaving your berth, reducing the risk of needing external assistance by the RNLI or other breakdown and emergency services.
    2. Weather conditions, health conditions, and level of boating experience can all influence the likelihood of requiring assistance from emergency responders.
    3. Other marinas and facilities around the lough may not be open. Plan and prepare to spend time afloat completely self-sufficiently.  This may include electric and water supplies on public jetties.


  1. It is currently recommended that you do not pass through stretches where it is necessary to operate lock gates in order to minimise the risk of cross contamination.


  1. Currently, all toilets and other marina facilities will be closed in compliance with Government guidance.  


  1. Be aware that even simple helpful tasks like throwing/receiving a rope from a mooring vessel increases your risk of contracting or spreading the virus and should be avoided where possible.  


If you are presenting with any symptoms of Covid-19, do not leave your home.

If any member of your household has presented with symptoms of Covid-19, you are still required to quarantine for 14 days, and you should not leave your home.

While we have all worked hard and made sacrifices to reach a point where it is considered safe to return to the lough, please do not become complacent. The threat of contracting Covid-19 is still very real, and we all have a responsibility to limit it’s spread.