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The IWAI web forum originated in 1999 as an email discussion list becoming a web based bulletin board from 2008. The forum can be found here

About our Forum:

  • The News Updates Mailing List is a one-way list: you will get messages from it (usually not more than one or two a week) but cannot post messages to it. It provides navigation information (e.g. lock closures), marine notices, announcements of events, notice of consultations and other waterways news.


  • The Waterways Forum is a lively discussion group, where everything and anything of waterways interest is up for debate. The number of posts/messages per day varies, but has ranged from 1 to 40, the 'norm' being ~10. Personal ads (e.g. selling your own boat) are permitted but trade ads are not. Have a look at recent posts.  You can subscribe to the web-based forum.   The web-based forum also supports RSS feeds.  This orange button can be used to quickly view the last few posts to the forum with a single click. 



There are four steps to the subscription process:

We'll ask you to select your subscription options.  You must agree out Terms and Conditions which aren't onerous!.  We do ask you to tell us a bit about yourself.  Leaving everything blank will lead to delays in the subscription process - we're human, and will probably not bother processing "Joe Bloggs" who'se email address is !  Finally, there are lots of automated computer programs out there that spend their lives(?) subscribing to fora such as this for the purposes of advertising/promoting porn, scams, harvesting email addresses etc.  Hence, we have a little test to distinguish between humans and computers!

Terms And Conditions

By subscribing to the forum, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions

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