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31B's Green And Silver Voyage.

Posted by Mick Farrell 
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Re: Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
14 October, 2011 23:31
Tell you what so Duncan...lets pretend it's an e-book, so you owe me €19.95 if you've read it....LOL


PS...Seeing as I know ya...there'll be no P&P charge...!!
Re: Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
15 October, 2011 13:42
Picked up a lovely copy of ODywer's book,pub in2000 of aerial photos of the inland waterways for €3 at Fairyhouse market lately. Mick ,hurry up and get your book published so I can buy one 2ndhand.

BTW Mick,What is you final destination for this present voyage?

PJsmiling smileysmoking smiley
Re: Re: Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
15 October, 2011 15:09
Ah, don't be like that!
It was a serious suggestion.
Cool Metal Clear Water works well as a talking point, provided the participants have a predilection for old steel boats.
This would have a much wider appeal, with your eye for a good picture and ability to capture it without hours of preparation, filters, lenses, reflectors and God only knows what other paraphernalia.
Your shots have a real, un-faked, quality to them and the subject matter is appealing to more than just waterway enthusiasts.
Many of them would put John Hinde to shame.
However, if you prefer not to do it (and who could blame you?), at least we've had the benefit on here, for which I'm grateful.
You've captured many scenes that I may never get to see, or may well miss the beauty of becaues the light won't be right, or the weather will be unsuitable, or I'm in a hurry, or whatever.
Well done and keep doing what you're doing

Re: Re: Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
15 October, 2011 18:27
Fair enough Duncan....I shall give due consideration to the matter over the winter. I'm not sure how well my phone camera pics would reproduce in print though, they are all pretty low res. Now, everybody, what about a few suggestions for a tilte.....!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
15 October, 2011 18:44

My final destination is GCD. Although I actually started at Soldiers Island on 3rd May, the extra 4 weeks waiting on Effin Bridge to lift kind of makes that bit of the journey seem a bit like last years effort. I also did'nt get any pics or waffle away on here about it, such gems as......ahhhh well, they might'nt happen again...!!


PS....plans in the pipeline already are, for next years saga "Green & Silver II, The Return of the Big Boats ".......Ya' commin'....??
Re: Re: Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
15 October, 2011 20:01
Pressure,pressure, Mick.Sure an M wont fit the Royal.Will it?

Book Title Mick's Meanderings
Images and Rimes
Age of Reasons
Grand Royalty
Barging, My Way

Cheers ,PJ
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
15 October, 2011 22:02

Anything that'll fit the Grand will fit better on the Royal, where the locks are a good 10 feet longer and every bit as wide!
There is an issue under newer bridges, where the width tapers at the bottom. Assuming the water level is according to the designed specification by then, this will not pose a problem.
Go on, give it a go. You know you want to...

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
15 October, 2011 23:50
Mick how about "My Effin Book"

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 00:11
Good one Andy. I might get a few Effin Rsmoking smileyoyalties.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 00:38
Well now PJ.....I do know that if you tell yourself an M-boat wont fit, then it never will...!!
As regards locks, Ebenhaezer has proved them to be at least 13' 4" to the water surface, and that the gates will open at least this width. I cant state catagorically that they dont taper in below the surface, but I have no reason to believe they do. I would have generally entered locks with me tyres down, which suggests a width of between 13'9" and 14 feet.
The bridges tend to be wider than on the Grand but most require some dredging beneath. In general its muck and silt underneath, which being denser than water will float a boat, but may require more power to plough through. Rambler, Rud Eile and 31B have already opened big furrows through these tight spots, so there should'nt be a whole lot more for you and Les to plough.
Louisa Br. with it's man made reef and Nead's Br. with it's concrete angles were exceptions. I'm pretty confidident that Louisa and most other bridges will be recieving attention from WI over the winter. Nead's Br. and the summit level do have some issues which I believe are primarially caused by bank erosion and the resultant maximum water level. If you give me 40's draft and width then I can make a good estimation as to whether the current bank height will allow enough water to get you through Nead's.
At the end of the day I think the only way to convince M-boat skippers that its possible, is when one of yis decides to give it a go. Cormac has already had 76 up to Abbeyshrule and its a great pity that Gerry and Ronnie were down the Barrow this summer....!!


PS....My(Westerly Waffle) & Fotographs.....could be a nice title
...or better still...My(Weird & Wonderful)Fotographs....!!!

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Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 00:57

I was saving that one for my heartwrenching story of being marooned in GCD
for a whole month....!!


From: "IWAI forum Andy Jordan"
Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2011 12:50 AM
Subject: [waterways] Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.

> Posted at:,32100,35727#msg-35727
> Andy Jordan wrote:
> Mick how about "My Effin Book"
> AJ
Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 14:30
Mick,Ebenwhateveryourhavingyourself is not 13' 4" wide anywhere. I threw a tape on her in SH but I didn't write them down. I think ,she's about 12" 6" including the knuckles for the leeboards.

Which direction would be best for an M boat, East West or the opposite?


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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 16:23
[quote pj norris]Hi Mick. Was in Sh today. We measured Ebenezer..She is 13ft 4In at a moulding at the top of the lee boards.
The hull is only 12 ft 6in. Judging by Rachel's post today it looks as if an M boat might have trouble. But the only way is to try it.


The ould memory must be getting a bit slack with ya PJ...!!
As regards direction, take your pick, though I think I would slightly favour West to East....!!

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 18:14
Hi PJ, I was with you when we measured Ebeneezer, and she is 13' 4" from leeboard to leeboard at the top but then remember she turns in just below the waterline and the rest of her is way less than that. Mick, an M boat is 3' 6" below the waterline across the whole 13'2", so no way will she fit under those new bridges without loads of water, and judging by the levels this year, it just ain't possible. We want to go, but what the 'ell do you do, if you get stuck with 60 tons and noway forward or backwards. Rambler is way skinnier and also turns in early at the bilges and she had a rough time. A b boat is very different to an m boat in shape under the waterline, boat shape versus bath tub.
When WI prove an m boat can make it eg, using the 51M, then we will be the first in line to go. We will certainly do a good chunk west to east early next year, but beyond Mullingar looks off limits at this time, no matter how much we want it.

Les 41M
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 19:24
Ahhh now Les, if ya keep telling me, I might eventually be convinced. If your waiting for WI to run 51M across, then I guess PJ will be proved right about 2027....LOL. I did'nt realise that 41 was a skinny M-Boat. At 3'6" draft x 13'2" beam you'll only need 4.5 inches more water to get through Nead's. Should be possible. As regards new bridges, they're all west of Abbeyshrule. Perhaps a call to Cormac to see how he got on when he brought 76 up there last August....!!

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 21:41
Hi Mick, Cormac had no problems at all, so for sure we will be completing what he has done, but beyond that, I'll be second. Looking at the Waterways program, what bridge is that that is so low the Rambler had to lower the canal for wheelhouse is a bit higher than most by a couple inches, so it would be nice to know I can fit under just in case we move east of Mullingar.

Les 41M
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 22:18
Lock 17, Les....well east of Mullingar. Rambler has 10ft airdraft, possibly a few inches more as they'd emptied the ballast tank by there. As a guideline my wheelhouse is 9'2" over a width of 9'4" and I had no issues. I do appreciate your point re. hull shapes but I do reckon that the extra few inches you have on me wont stop you. Anyway, sure wont that other 'Oul Git, PJ, take the lead and plough a big enough furrow for 41M...!!

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 23:04
Mick,As I once heard Spike Milligan say,"Follow me closely now sir.I'm right behind you".

I too, am willing to give it a go ,when someone else proves it's possible.

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
16 October, 2011 23:14
Ahhhhh lads.....yis are letting me down here. Where's your spirit of adventure...? At this rate I'll have Ocean Froggie across the Royal before yis.....LOL.


PS...just realised there's no pics on this page at all so far....can't be having that now...

[b]Joe's suggestion that Les and PJ try the Royal is met with astonished mirth[/b]

[b]"Awww no lads" says Les, "sure me outboards going to catch under Louisa Bridge"[/b]

[b]"Ehhh....I'm waiting for Les to lead the way"[/b]
(originally posted by David O'Sullivan, Terryglass Festival thread 25/08/11)

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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
08 November, 2011 14:55
Had to move on from Sallins yesterday as WI wanted to do a bit of digging along where I was tied up. This is part of their plan to install liveaboard moorings in Sallins. Arrived down about 09.30 to a lovely bright morning and icy sidedecks. Fired up the engine, got the kettle on and started moving about 10.30. By 11.00 it was starting to get a bit warm, so I had to take me hat off and it stayed that way till 16.00 when the sun crossed the canal behind me and went in behind the trees. At 16.05, I put me hat back on, amazing how quickly it gets cold in the evening, once you slip into the shade. Arrived into the Hatch about 16.40 with only 13 more miles left to GCD. Very slow going East of Sallins to the railway bridge as the stream entering here is silting the canal big time. Pics are'nt great as the bright sun was giving me phone a hard time. Many thanks to Martin Fogarty for the locks...!!


[b]Looking East from under Sallins Bridge.[/b]

[b]Past the moored boats and looking back at the bridge.[/b]

[b]Incoming Silt[/b]

[b]More trainspotting[/b]

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