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31B's Green And Silver Voyage.

Posted by Mick Farrell 
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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
20 November, 2011 11:28
Hi Mick
Well done on a fabulous trip and travelogue But what are we going to do for the next three months. Any chance that some yis techies could compile a "virtual" tour of all the waterways and the boats that blazed the trail this year.
What is the story with mooring at the jetties for the winter, I think I spotted an empty space or two. What on earth are WI saving them for, are they expecting a crowd?
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
20 November, 2011 21:43

Not really sure what the reason is for the empty jetties in GCD as WI seem to keep coming up with different reasons for keeping them empty. If I kept me boat on the Shannon I could avail of winter moorings at the jetties in Terryglass, for example. If I keep my boat in Dublin, it appears that I cant. Seems a little discriminitory to me. Perhaps I'll give Pavee Point a phonecall.....ahhhh sure there I was, travelling the country all summer, and when I got back to Dublin, the halting site was closed. Blatant discrimination against travellers, it is....!!

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
20 November, 2011 22:27
Mick,I can't believe what you're saying. There a load of empty jetties in GCD and nobody is allowed use them. There must be someone there with a shotgun keeping people out. I'm wondering ,why they built them?
Arethey like dem Ghost Estates the Nama fellas be havin,like?
GHOST JETTIES? Ah Mick,you're kiddin ,right? Do yez think dey built them expectin more boats and no one came?
I mean who but a gobsheeite would build a load of jetties and not allow anyone use them.
Is it because they are near the water and someone might fall in?
Or Mick,is it that decentrailamacation thing that the government was doing in reverse? You know,all the boats are down the country and they want them to come up to Dubblin and nobody came. I think you're winding me up Mick.Sure isn't there a law against wasting money like that? I bet the head of WI wouldn't like answering questions to the public accounts committe as to why they built them there jetties and wont allow dacent people like yourself to use them. Maybe Mick,they don't want to wear them out,or the queen is coming or something.
At least they can't keep the seagulls from @#$%& on them.
Are there any seagulls in Enniskillen?


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Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
20 November, 2011 23:41
Well now PJ.....I could easily tie me boat to them.....but WI have told me not to....several times. And then I'd have to swim ashore as the enterance is locked. There are security men (sometimes) in the little office beside the door, but they only mind the empty building, not open the door. Perhaps I'll start a new blog for the winter.....!!

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
22 November, 2011 11:37
[quote Michael Slevin]
and presented Mick with a real plaque, no. 31B, in very appropriate company this afternoon.

Is it just coincidence that the plaque looks like a pack of 20 Major?[/color]
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
22 November, 2011 11:54
Sure he was trying to sell it off on Sunday in Tullamore. There were no takers.

Well done Mick. It was hard earned.

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
22 November, 2011 18:47
The same thought went through my head Conor....but its not really so...!!


Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
27 November, 2011 03:16
Hi All,

Before this disappears down into the bowels of the forum, I would like to thank all those who gave a hand in getting me round the course. If I start naming names, I'll probably leave someone, yis know who yis are.....Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...!!

I'd also like to thank all the WI heads who put me through locks and raised the odd level and basically kept me floating. I include John "Bridgeman" in this...!!

I have to mention those who "followed" me posts on here....all 30.0374531835206 of yis. Well done, but bring your own boats around....its more fun than reading about it...!!

Special thanks to Katie and 2 HORRIBLE teenage daughters.....(they're VERY, VERY wonderful really, just dont let on I said so)


[i]There is a River Goddess, she knows blonde curley smiles...!! [/i]
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
27 November, 2011 14:00
Mick,Dont' go away ,I want you. Hold on Mick,wiilYA!!

I've had a horrible thought,yea another one.

How about a Green and Silver and Gold trip, for three canals, OR

A green,silver,gold and PLATINUM trip for all four!!!!!!

PJwinking smiley
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
03 April, 2012 03:32

Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
03 April, 2012 06:59
Congrats Mick thumbs up. Well deserved for an epic.

[COLOR=gray][i]OceanFroggie[/i][/COLOR] [size=x-small][color=#FFDEAD][i]Noel Griffin[/i][/color][/size]
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
03 April, 2012 07:50
An epic in the voyage but also in the recording and sharing. Mick and crew got around the loop in good time and professionally. Anyone contemplating the venture could learn a lot by reading his postings.
Dublin Branch should be commended for proposing the "Green and Silver" scheme and actively promoting and supporting travel on our waterways. The spirit of IWAI is alive and kicking on the canals.
Pic below of the presentation at another well supported branch meeting.


Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
11 June, 2012 14:28
[b]And so it begins again......Round 2...!!![/b]


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