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31B's Green And Silver Voyage.

Posted by Mick Farrell 
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Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
27 June, 2011 18:31
Sorry all but I'm a bit of a bus anorak aswell due to a previous employment (or 2)

All the best....Mark

[i]image ported over from email![/i]

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Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
27 June, 2011 19:42
A couple for Tommy Mc Loughlin.....

Looking North along the Boyne.

Looking South along the Boyne.

Concrete Stopgate in the Boyne Aquaduct.

Ahhhhh.....some water at last...!!

Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
27 June, 2011 21:31
Mick did you design the lifting wheel at Longwood yet, remember you were going to come down to meet up with us or did we scare you away with all the regs down at the lower level. Concrete stop gates an ancient version of the stop gates they put in on the Grand a few years ago, could you imagine trying to close them or take a shaven off the mites post. I often wondered did they ever work and if they did close you would need more then your drag and barge pole to reopen them. Glad to see that you are now sailing and hope there is no more ploughing as you plough a mighty wide furrow. Bye the way that is our water you are sailing on.
Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
27 June, 2011 23:52
Be'Jasus Mark......WI badly need something similar. A tree cutter on 51M perhaps...?? It was "The Carpenters Boat...!!

Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 00:56
Ok...a brief round up of today's endeavours......
Vossie & Son arrived shortly after 10.00 and we were ready to leave Cloncurry Br. at 10.30, but were asked by an engineer for Meath Co.Co. if he could make use of the boat in his examination of the structural integerty of the underside of the bridge. Started moving at 10.45 and by 11.45 had gone at least 500 yards. There's an aquaduct over a stream here, and it took me 5 attempts, backing off and wriggling forward, to plough a way through. Travelled the next 2 mile in about 75 mins. and stopped to do some shopping and have some lunch under Enfield Br. It was a joy to finally pass through a bridge at idle rather than full throttle. There is some silting and overgrown trees on the run in to Enfield but it's managable with care. Things do finally seem to be improving with the canal, but Kilmore Br. took 10 minutes to pass through. On then to Moyvalley's 2 bridges, heavy silting just before the new bridge, clear underneath and then another 10 minutes at full throttle to plough the muck between and through the old bridge. Things really do get better from here, and although there is weed and plastic and mud in places, it only took about 3.5 hours to do the 6 miles to Hill of Down...almost 2 MPH. Blackshade Br. has the honour of being the 2nd bridge to welcome me through with "open arch"...!! The last few hundred yards into The Hill of Down were pretty silted with the channel past the moored boats and up to the pub, once again requiring full throttle to make any progress. We tied up just after 22.00 hrs and out from Moran's pub window, pops the head of James Moran, to invite us in for a complimentary pint, which we very gratefully accepted.....Thanks James...!!

Ahhhh.....James Moran passes me out a pint...!!

Vossie & Son drinking on the back deck....(Turns out Vossie has written a book and is now a fugitive from poetic justice.....hence the blurring...!!!

Speak's for itself...!!

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Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 01:58
Sorry Tommy,

I've been too busy battling boats and bridges and blankets and bags to be worried the Boyne/Royal Interconnector. Having said that, now that I see all that water being pumped up (for which I'm so, so so, grateful), I may just have to reconfigure my original plan. What about a water powered, "laterally driven", Spannish Windlass that turns a screw which raises an Effin Bridge high enough to push a stick, which lifts some blocks to counterballance the square root of the forums ability to do some peoples head in...??
Possible solution to constant motion there...???

I suspect those concrete stop gates would have needed a shitload of peatmould to seal them but re-opening would only need equal water levels.....!!


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Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 02:07
And finnally......

Some happy thoughts to allow 'yis [i]"to cope, when I'm being a dope.."[/i]



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Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 07:33
Hi Mick,

Thank you both... you and 31B are gracious hosts! We had a fantastic time and will most definitly do it again... with the BBQ in tow! That sunset picture will do better with a bit of 'braai' smoke clouding the air! Thanks for suggesting the live blog post... thanks for having us along for the ride... special!

The bug has bitten! I have just confirmed what I always suspected... canal and barge life is for me! I could see myself writing the odd book and doing frequent blogs from the wheelhouse of my own boat! Next step... buy the winning lotto ticket!

Thanks Mick! Hopefully you'll have us back again...

Cheers for now,
Vossie aka AJ

PS: I'll get together all the photo's... do a blog post and send some others on to you...winking smiley
PPS: If you were wondering... that was me trying to do the 3-point turn just on from Furey's... moody smiley

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Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 14:48
Hi All,

Untied at Hill of Down at 13.35 and got through the bridge 100yards ahead at 14.00 on attempt number 4. Whilst the was some stone and other debris under the bridge, they did'nt interfer with the boat. The problem on this occasion was that the canal banks, on both sides, going into and out of the arch had slipped into the canal. After the bridge, the canal becomes good again to Ballasport Bridge, through which I passed without a single rub. The canal opens out even more, to about 40ft wide, with a very good depth of water at least this far. At this moment, I'm tied alongside the old dredger with the engine off, drinking coffee and waffling at you'se....LOL

[b]"B'@#$%&, I haven't seen you for years"...!!![/b]


PS...Vossie...there's your just need to acquire it...!
Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 15:22
We had better discuss the salvage operation... how's the weekend sound to you?

PS - you missing your tea boy? That why you're having coffee... ;-)

PPS - you going to tow my boat back to mighty Meath?
Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 15:31
Can't manage next weekend Vossie.....but if you did manage to acquire it, do let me know. I'm sure we could organise a rescue mission.


PS....Only drinking coffee because I forgot to buy some teabags yesterday, and they're getting scarce now...!!
PPS..Also had to broach the reserve sugar supplies....the hardships of the "Trek"
Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 18:40
Yep... I'll have to inform the tea boy to stay well clear of the reserves... pilfering little @#$%&! ;-)
Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 18:49
Mick that "Effin" bridge, your thoughts about the counter balance are a lot closer to the original than you think.Went to Teck in the North Strand in the early sixties and the original lifting bridge was still in place, a lifting bridge worked by a counter balance block or tank not sure which but it worked which is more than can be said for the present thing. Now that you think it would be easy to open them special concrete gates you should have tried and made yourself the last boat to get the Green & Silver for some time. Glad you are making such good use of "our water" and the sarcriface we are enduring with low water levers down stream so you can PLOUGH on. Move away from 33E now go look for your crock of gold elsewhere, how is the glazing faring ?
Re: Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 18:59
Mick, were you on the main line or a branch line !!

All the best....Mark
Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 20:13
Yes, I've seen pics of it Tommy. I was tempted to try close the stop gates and let the water behind me back down to 'yis, but then I thought "sure it'd only be a waste till all the locks are done". I suppose it might have allowed a bit of canal dredging to be done though..!! I was'nt eyeing up 33E (??), just looking to see if there was a number on her anywhere. One of the weedcutting chappies told me last week that this was her number, but I'm pretty sure there's a 33E in Tullamore Hbr.....!!! The rest of me glass is intact, so far, but that particular pane was special to me....sure had'nt I only washed her the day before...!!

Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 20:34
Finished me coffee and sitting around and pulled away from the 10 RB Dredger at 17.00. Canal narrowed and got a good bit slower from here to D'Arcys bridge but nothing unusual. There's a bump on the left hand side just as you leave the arch but a few quick wriggles of the boats @#$%& soon flattened it. Stopped and had tea alongside Leech's old boats, then moved on and arrived in Thomastown Hbr. at 20.00. Delighted to see some dredging been done from just past Leech's boats back towards the Harbour. This section was much slower when I brought Float No 3 through it last Easter Weekend. Pity it's only half a mile though...!!

[b]Lovely to see you again.....but I must be going[/b]

[b]More boats for Vossie...and one already has it's own tree..!![/b]

[b]A more modern, if less interesting dredger[/b]

[b]Nanny Quinn's, Thomastown[/b]


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Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 21:45
Just to remind everyone of what The Royal was once like please see pics below from Ger McGeeney of Kilcock Business Assoc. which he e-mailed me tonight. Sorry for the small size, perhaps Ciaran Clinton might have some better shots...?


PS.....Forgot to mention earlier, I did'nt have to clear anything off me prop today....!!!

[b]A very nice stream...!!![/b]

[b]Digging it out.[/b]

[b]In use last Sunday.[/b]

Re: Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 22:40

It's good to see your making good progress now, there are parts along the long level where there is a great depth and width to the canal in fact it more resembles the Camlin River or perhaps parts of the Barrow.

Those pics of Kilcock Harbour, the first 'before restoration' was taken in 1980(ish) while I was too young to have been much help, there were weekly work parties in the evenings to clear the weed from the canal bed, volunteers even started digging out the harbour by hand with shovels and wheel barrows. This was before the 10RB dragline was sourced and first used on the 15th level of the Royal, there is a very detailed account of this in the latest edition of the Royal Canal Book by Ruth Delaney and Ian Bath.
The second picture would have been snapped in the winter of 2002/2003, Kilcock was selected to host the European Canoe Polo Championships in 2003 and the harbour had a much needed make over by WI and the RCAG. There used to be a low level grass bank along the left side of the harbour which was removed and the current decked jetty installed. The centre of the harbour was dredged out too and I reckon the centre has a depth of about 8/9 foot in places!

Looking at your last picture, there is probably a out 1000 people all around the harbour, and I couldn't get a proper Mexican wave going at all! while I was on the water doing rescue for the cardboard boat race!
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
28 June, 2011 23:01
Yeah Ciaran,

Ger came in to the wheelhouse and showed me the pic shortly after the cardboard box boat race and it just struck me that none of us would have been hanging around the Hbr. last Sunday if not for your Da and others like him. I do like me little "whinges" (the hump, in hump-back bridge usually refers to going over...not under...LOL) but it's useful to be reminded from time to time.

M(W&W)F time there's a wash/wake debate, I'm really going to go to town on you'se canoeists(canoers..??). Despite being tied to the rail, me poor 'oul rudder was awful shook up by Sunday evening...!!
Re: 31B's Green And Silver Voyage.
29 June, 2011 16:18
Joe, PJ....

Came through Lock 18 this morning and did the measuring bit. I took a measure, at deck level (approx 30"), about 1 foot inside the arch ( from the downstream side) as there appeared to be a slight taper away beyond this point. The result was 162 inches or 13' 6". Rachel's stones are just outside the bridge arch and are the first 2 stones topping the quay wall. While they close the gap by 2 to 2.5 inches, they can be dug out and moved back.



[b]Rachel's Rubbing Stones[/b]

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